Nine major behavioral characteristics of China’s Internet users

1: inertial

user: "why is your sorting button missing?"

customer service: pro, we put it on the right, so that more obvious oh."

users: "you are very idle? Nothing to get this button to do what


has a story, said the cheese in the maze third lattice, and then put the mouse into the maze, the first time, the mouse to find the first, then find second, finally found in the third square, very happy. The second time, first find the first, and then find second, and again third times found in the lattice, very happy. The third time, the mouse went straight to the third lattice to find the cheese. Fourth times, fifth times, the cheese didn’t move. The sixth time, cheese was moved to the first lattice, the mouse can not see cheese, so angry, depressed, impatient, spinning in situ, but gave up, continue to find.

people, like rats, are even more inertia than mice, more adept at summing up the rules, and are more likely to feel angry and unhappy. Once he learns to use a button, the second must be in place, in accordance with the original method. If the position or method is not the same as before, he will be very unaccustomed and think it is a very unpleasant change. So if the product manager to change the original law must consider, even if you know that you are more convenient for the original process, more beautiful, more beautiful, please consider the old user habits. While attracting new users, it is a problem for product managers to consider the issue of letting older users learn less.

2: I’m all

user: "your platform sucks, my product is completely wrong."."

customer service: "pro, other people are good.". Did you set it wrong "


user: "what does someone have to do with me? My product is wrong."

looks but everyone is savage and absurd, the king of my world, he to himself all responsible, so when we are very easy to say when a few people, should also feel the whole world that a few people, he cares about his KPI and we care about their promotion as concerned about their own small shop for us, a drop in the bucket, for whom they are perhaps the most precious pearl. Acknowledge each other’s equality is also improved and again three user experience these give feedback to help Taobao users not worth mentioning, they are our best not to take salary also continue to help us to submit user testing engineer for bug, for such a selfless act, we should be grateful? Or thanks? Thank you


3: first impressions are important,

user: "you should provide a * * * function."."

customer service: pro, we have. >

The survival philosophy of local websites paying customers is dug out

client is the local website yisifumu. Similar competitive local websites is becoming increasingly fierce, whether you do open portals, forums, or engage in second-hand, poly talent, push online shopping, the day has already a single large, being gone for ever. To achieve a stable profit by waiting, by waiting for customers to visit your site will not, at least the poor effect. For most of the webmaster, the funds are very limited, can not afford to search engine promotion, but also can not afford the cost of outdoor advertising. In this case, in addition to continue to be keen on SEO, I think the most primitive and the most effective way is offline marketing. Marketing advertising tells us that the enemy but the telephone marketing, telephone marketing match come to visit, this is the car king Henry · Ford for his advice: "for sale to attract customers to visit in person". Here, I would like to share with you Sanming 0598 talent line for customers practical experience, I hope you have some local webmaster inspiration. Today we will discuss the question of where the customer comes from first, and next time we will talk about how to win customers".

our goal is to make money, and our time and energy are limited. It is impossible to cast a net everywhere. For this reason, it is important to select some potential customers. First, the amount of preservation. Is the existing registered members of their website, these customers have a preliminary understanding of the site, most likely into a formal customer. Maybe a phone call, a door on the OK, do not let him inside the wall flowering, incense outside the wall, so that other sites to develop. Two is to dig the corner. It’s the marketing of existing customers on similar websites, and it’s very useful, even though they are unpleasant and unkind, because they’re willing to pay for it. In fact, we seriously study, and many successful people are "first business," then famous, and finally honest". Of course, the premise is that you have the advantage of differentiation, such as providing better results, better service, or lower prices. Three is the Yellow pages. In some places, there is a list of newly registered enterprises on the website of business and commerce, with all the telephone numbers and addresses. Or spend a little money to buy the latest Telecom Yellow Pages, according to their own marketing scope, one by one to strive for investigation and. Four is to sweep the street. It’s a bit tiring, but it works well for online shopping and talent sites. Sub section, a lot of plans to run, see a discount information or talent recruitment requirements of large enterprises, small shops can fight for, may not be a business, but at least can increase an original information.

that’s all for today. In this statement, this article by 0598 Sanming talent network original, in A5 starting, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you for cooperation.

Talking about the preparation for the development of local gateways

the future of local portals and industry vertical portal developed rapidly, talk about the operation of local portals some thinking, so that local portal friends do some psychological preparation in advance. Before the Wuhan Webmaster Station organized several webmaster gathering, now summarize, for everyone to share!

!Plan and budget

1. before starting

Forewarned is forearmed. Local portal planning determines the success or failure of the project. Of course, the plan does not change quickly, but also at any time to adjust and supplement your plan.

2. is going to be a good start, not prepared for two years!


local station traffic is not easy to get up, website weights and brands do not have to build, so in the above head advertising probability is very small, because a long time can not earn money.

3. is not only profitable, but also ready to invest,

since you do not make money, then you have to invest in living expenses, there is time to invest.

4. to prepare for the loneliness

started without resources and needed to stick to it. Every successful person may vary, but he must be a lonely person, but it can also be an invisible threshold, others did not hold on, you will be the last winner.

5. ready for team operation

the profit pattern of local portal local portal advertising is not limited to this, also need to jointly organized promotional activities, many businesses and what this group purchase, the need for specialized personnel, you a person very difficult, including after the independence of advertising and marketing team, technical team, the final form of local portal the company will be in place for the network media, and one shot for a local individual grassroots station cannot be mention in the same breath, maybe now say this to you too early, but you have reason to know a little earlier. So we should be ready for team management operation

Sharing Adsense must change the mentality of making money

I’m not into the station, but also have several domain names on the Internet, hanging up on several websites, estimated IP of not more than 100, often just removed from behind, station, Admin5, come here every day to see the success stories of others, that is more stationmaster’s complaints here. Baidu and Google how to write injustice, write how difficult do stand. Here, I would like to talk about my views, and I hope to arouse common thinking and change your situation.

believes that the primary purpose of trying to do the webmaster every day is to make money, not to say how much you stand IP, your PR, your Alexa ranking is high, not earn money if you will still continue to complain, to continue your difficult course, the real money webmaster to silence to make money, no time to come here every day to the feeble, don’t care about here a few soft with do not go what the value of IP, I am very lazy, but too lazy to write something every day, since leaving school basically no written text, is also afraid of writing out of order for everyone to see, I basically every day is to learn some useful things for yourself. Of course, I want to make money online, too.

for the site to make money, my idea is to make money and website in reality, is very simple, is to provide services, or sell products, these two aspects can become the cause, become the industry, compared to the dumpster by advertising alliance eat more strong, you can imagine your website can provide what services, of course now most online services are free, you will say that other people will not be willing to pay, but if you want to make money, you must provide people free access to services, such as web design now, despite fierce competition, but also is everybody has a meal to eat, for example, you are a doctor, you you may consider a web platform to provide paid medical consultation service for patients, for example, you are a teacher, you can provide online examination counseling; if you have around you what good high quality and inexpensive products, you An agent can sell online, in store distribution, if you do not have good product channels, you can produce their own products, pricing and then you earn more, such as the production of all kinds of books, such as improving the goods convenient and practical in daily life, and then find manufacturers, online distribution, I think these ideas you do a will keep you busy you earn enough, if the webmaster friends can change ideas, not every day staring at the traffic statistics, how to study how to capture, ad, down-to-earth to do things, the website as a platform, through this platform to study how to provide you with the value of information, valuable service, practical research products, let your visitors to become your customers pay buyers, but not every day to study how to brush flow, how to What collection, how to cheat, I think that Chinese webmaster circles will be a thriving and not Voices of discontent. The webmaster can really do, the contribution to the society, and not for the China Internet manufacturing waste.

writes a bit of a mess, >

Push a website from quantitative change to qualitative change


wrote a "push one" celebrity effect to our thinking, many webmaster friends reprinted, or more happy. Do website have no advantage, and some only to the website of love. Today to talk about a quantitative change to qualitative change, as the new owners, is certainly a quantitative change in quantity, such as our website add articles, writing articles, each article are original, each one is careful, if a IP article for you, the 10 100 articles, 1000 articles, it may be the ideal words too, but you think your website even the basic content is not much, the search engine will be included: how much do you have, can bring much traffic to you, if you write the article, each article do the basic optimization, highlight the key words. The probability that the search engines search to your site will improve a lot, we can observe the soft kill

new webmaster do Links is not easy to find high quality webmaster and give you a link exchange, people to be polite to you refuse, how to do, can only be yourself, find a part of webmaster do link, Sina, in the blog is the use of Sohu, NetEase, such as Baidu (a few the weight of personal feel high, fast search engines) every day to write an article, or two days a. The other is the question asked: Sina, Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, Q & A, 120ask, soso and other Qihoo ask, ask the question, can ask the answer (to do registration support) can answer other people’s questions, then there is Baidu Baidu and Baidu Post Bar know that there is good to your site the article made fanchon, naturally bring your own website keyword connection, insist on a period of time, the article and the chain has been issued by a certain amount, believe that every day can also bring you a lot of traffic, PR will be improved.

Mou Changqing believes in this circle, not that people do not know, if you really do not know, then you certainly do not belong to the webmaster, Mou Changqing why such a high visibility, you can open a look at his blog, he wrote the 100 articles in the website promotion, each one according to his own the website and personal experience, the webmaster see after the very real, for their great help. Imagine, if he does not do website, do not write website promotion article, how can you be in stationmaster circle famous?


, for example, Jiang Likun’s push, created in October 2008, in just half a year, members of the forum registration, traffic, PR, posting every day are steadily increasing. Especially the characteristics of the forum, to help the webmaster analysis and free promotion training, has been a lot of new Adsense support. I believe that if Jiang Likun did not in the "computer enthusiasts" magazine when the web site editor in chief of accumulated experience, and now the push of a certain development is not very good.

to write this article, mainly is to show that the new owners do not easily, the most stupid method can only use the site to add content, increase the chain, insist, if you not do this, your site.

Zhong Zhixin website usability for user experience analysis (three)

old rule, or the introduction: the user can not complete the main reason for the purchase, can only be attributed to the site’s poor usability. Perhaps this success rate varies in different industries and different target users, but it is undeniable that website usability is one of the most important reasons why many websites prevent users from purchasing. The following is then last decomposition, if you have not read the first episode and the second episode of friends in the search for "Zhong Zhixin: the user experience of the website usability analysis (a)", "Zhong Zhixin: user experience analysis of website usability (two) or" pay attention to Zhong Zhixin’s blog and forum webmaster heart.

6, information design,

The design of

information includes registration information, contact information, search information, landing information, etc..

first, the shorter the registration information, the better. If you only need the user’s e-mail address, that’s enough. Then just ask the email address. Don’t ask the others, at most with the user’s name. Be sure to keep in mind that the user is afraid of trouble.

sites attract more users, so don’t ask too many questions at once, as long as the user name and e-mail address is enough to be a registered user. There is no need to ask so much about the personal background of other attacks, so you can remind users to fill in more complete information in the background, so that you can make full use of your web services.

The shorter the

registration is, the better the only exception is that you really want to exclude most of the less serious browsers, and only those highly interested people who want to contact you. If your product is worth millions, so the registration or contact form project does have a little more information, and in the front plus one: Please fill in the following information, we will contact you directly to the director of sales. This will filter out most of those who are not serious and just want to try to register.

The description of the

information must be very clear. Most of the basic information, such as email address, name, that is very simple, a bit more complex may need to be careful, for example, requires the user to fill in how to find our website? Given the option, for example, through search engines, other sites, a friend introduced. Other ways, etc..

in the technical conditions permit, in the process to fill in the user information, the program should first confirm the accuracy of the data format, for example, fill in the Email address is correct, the phone does not appear to be the project whether it contains text.

The organization and layout of

information should be clear. If it is only the email address and name, there is no such problem. If you do need to fill in more details, you should make it clear that different items are classified and visually separated. Don’t put all the items together, so that users can not find even where the problem is.

confirmation page. After the user submits the information, it should be turned to a confirmation page, which should contain at least two parts

Personal webmaster sentiment little bit of the station

I haven’t done the website for a long time. I’m taking the liberty to talk to you about my experience. On the whole, the website management needs to persevere, regard it as the hobby, face with the ordinary state of mind.

, the Internet is a lot of achievements in millions or tens of millions, or even billionaires, easy to just enter the industry people, especially young people to mind at a high temperature state, full of hope and confidence in the future, that is equal to enter the profession. But the Nuggets started is this will make a lot of people at a time the setback lost power forward and the beginning of passion, to leave the stage. Identity. In fact, it is a network need long time to explore and research, to develop place to enter the industry must maintain a stable and realistic attitude, slowly to understand it, to understand it can you stop here.

two, the Internet is a public network, it is very wide coverage, your eyes must be placed in a very wide angle, so you can make a good website, when we fail we will look beyond the surrounding market, this kind of ground is too narrow do not understand the local market, so that we will fail, we have now found a successful website, it all flows 90% comes from the search engine and the friendship between friends said, but from his side to the flow of people less and less. By this get to be a success site, site in the major search engine keyword optimization, will greatly work, this depends on your understanding of the extent and network hotspots acuity.

three, are the factors, I personally think that a successful network of people, must have sober mind, on the network of new things, and a keen sense of good psychological quality, of course, the relevant technology of network structure to support you have to understand, although not to let you are a very good the technical staff, but you must understand the relevant information.

welcome everyone to exchange experience,

Webmaster friends master the game rules to make your monthly income of million

used to do network management, the knife had played a online game. Feeling that you want to beat your opponent in the game, the basic condition is to master the rules of the game, to master the rules of the game, coupled with targeted exercises. Set up a set of their own play, it is easy to remain invincible in the game.

Internet is like rivers and lakes, in the rivers and lakes, naturally understand the rules of rivers and lakes, like playing games, to understand the rules of the game. I believe that many friends have seen the CCTV Premiere of the "Legend of Bruce Lee", the hero of the story Bruce Lee, the Kung Fu giant created a new type of martial arts, and established its own martial arts system. To a great extent, the Kung Fu giant was respected by the world because he transcended himself and made new rules of the game. From the Kung Fu giant’s struggle, it is easy to see that the premise of making new rules of the game is to be familiar with the existing rules of the game.

Internet development experience, so many years of outstanding figures in us is not difficult to see that the successful model of no more than two. The founder of the first model mastered the existing rules of the game skillfully, and guided the rules of the game to the limit without violating the rules of the game. The second architects, who are familiar with the existing rules of the game, break new ground and draw up new rules of the game, such as what we usually call the new profit model.

gangster gangster game rules and rules of survival, and for those of US internet grassroots grassroots webmaster, many of our friends who may be the first to do stand to make quick money, and then run a brand war, to become a lifelong career. But what can you do to make a quick profit? What station is a brand war that can be built with a lifetime? Teach people to fish, as to teach people to fish! Grass root webmaster are very hard, why the success of less?. The key to the success of the knife is that you don’t know the rules of the grass root webmaster.

often has friends telling me that I want to be a station and earn money right away, but I don’t know what to do. The day before yesterday, a friend read the "webmaster network released September market transactions briefing", followed by I said, he often in Webmaster network forum, a long time ago has done similar "brief" analysis. He is the kind of person who can do several stops at night and then make IP five thousand or six thousand in a month or so. He said love see stationmaster net trading forum for information, people need what he’ll do what, in general, every month he will have one to two stations plus GG revenue, a month basically has revenues of about 6000, good times can be tens of thousands of. For those who often hang out in the webmaster trading forum. This you practice you may wish to try, with "stationmaster network released September market briefing" carries on the analysis to the forum data, that get considerable income is not a very difficult thing in the forum.


wrote the article, he had the opportunity to communicate with’s big brother (online name: circle) for a while. Benefit greatly, this predecessor is too "ruthless" >

Novice webmaster do station experience 2 months income of more than 4000 yuan

looked at CNZZ statistics, I love WPE has been running for more than 2 months, this is my first time to have their own forum, as a temporary webmaster. I know, 2 months income of 4000 yuan, for all the webmaster circles is not big, but for the first time to do my site, has been very satisfied. Here, write down the experience that I operated this website (correct name is forum) during these 2 months.

at first, I didn’t want to do what website, just out of their hobby (terminology, WPE: network packet editor, a network packet capture software, it can make some game plug-in, through which the packet interception, then use some package command to defraud the server, in order to achieve some can not be achieved the function of the game. ) set up a few groups and met lots of friends who like WPE as well. With more and more deep exchanges, feeling that QQ group alone is difficult to meet everyone’s technical exchange needs, and there is no online communication forums, so they sprouted themselves to do a forum on WPE.

said the idea out, almost all of the friends group, and we began to help you plan how to do, what domain name ah, what a plate ah, what procedures ah, to the end of the template selection is based on each WPE group Friends of the opinion to do.

said, the domain name is selected,, as the name suggests, I love WPE, and is busy looking for space, setup (Discuz!) and template, refining plate, here really want to thank all the advice and help for the establishment of the group of friends I love WPE.


website built after greeting all the group of friends in the forum, and several positive group Friends of the moderator, even if the Forum opened, looked at his "virgin", was very proud, I also can become the legendary "stationmaster".

because there are many groups of friends support, but some of them still had a group of friends site experience Laoniao, so the forum pages are divided into the differentiation of what is good, choose several of the most popular application of WPE more games, Mir, the legend of the world, World of Warcraft, Dungeon Fighter Online as the main forum, then everyone to add content, the main content is to achieve some of the game without the function using the WPE of the original tutorial, then each WPE group started advertising.

only because of the site (the first WPE Forum), the forum propaganda soon after a lot of game player into our original WPE tutorial is also being sought, but this time the forum began to access but because of some.

Because the original

WPE tutorial realized some game features, such as copying equipment, leveling, gaming and so on, the forum also has some game business concern, more is a dragon SF some of the attention, so.

Talking about the phenomenon of runaway website

beware: the things that go up online will also be pulled down. What? "Gravity" on the Internet? Yes, recently I’ve been getting more and more letters from online entrepreneurs about the terrible disaster of their website being out of control. They were online to appreciate the power of Newton’s first law, but not apple, but websites.

how can the site get out of hand? Reasons for ISP or hosting web server companies. Your web server in the hands of the people, a people management website, it is not a problem. This problem does not matter for others, for you will be killed! Especially if you spend money to buy the server hosting, especially online business is your website so if the guy eat, one or two weeks, you stand?

IT opened a number of media, the ISP and server hosting business advertisements for contests, is truly exciting. Some unscrupulous businesses like the same, come out can be difficult, especially the problem of service, point out every two or three days, make you tired, ah, ah, traffic brand business opportunities and so on, the cumulative losses? The other side will not count with you, only your own heart is most clear. So, if you haven’t built a website yet and haven’t decided which gate to enter, you’d better listen to my suggestions.

1. can provide the best choice for 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support weather service businesses. From the advertising point of view, pay attention to the service enterprise not several, mostly focus on their services provided by how much, how cost-effective price, few people think web hosting is most in need of timely technical support. Technical support problem is a global problem, even the cartoonist as a separate subject to satire.

this means that your future ISP can provide timely, live, and human services instead of automatic answering. If your site is out of the question, the other did not timely reply email, or not to answer your phone calls, or as early as possible that another home. You can ask in advance and test it. For an hour, and if there is no response within an hour, go ahead.

2. is almost the same Another hurdle: before you pay, find enough of your current customers and listen to their comments. Don’t go to the other side, recommend your customers, go for yourself. You can go to the other website’s bulletin board, guestbook or chat room to find. If the other party does not have these services and ask for a list of a large number of customers, you can contact them selectively.

3. best in the name of your domain name registration, either way, the purpose is to grasp their own website, to ensure that if because of poor service and converted to ISP, you can take the initiative to protect the rights and interests of each other, and will not be threatened.

4. completes two infrastructure: peeri>