Don’t be stubborn to start a business

no matter what you want to do, you have to remember that too stubborn is difficult to achieve great things, so if you want to start a business, it is necessary to see if they are too stubborn. Mistakes need to be corrected so that they can move in the right direction.


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Electricity supplier to the impact of the curtain brand big

for the current number of store owners, the most disgusting is what? I am afraid the answer is a lot of shopkeepers electricity supplier. Indeed, this is the same industry competition can hardly be avoided, even running, after all in the same level, but the impact of the electricity supplier industry completely to the store owner who can not afford. In short, the electricity industry is in a stage of rapid development, the development of the situation this year is more pressing; for consumers will be able to go to home mall, supermarket, the impact on the store is enormous. But for the curtain industry which is more traditional industries, the impact of it?

curtain industry

Because the

of windows in our country and there is no uniform size, as a result the curtain industry is a customized industry, all aspects need to field measurement; another point is that the curtain cloth can be tens of thousands of species, and there are several coping styles, different consumer groups demand.

curtain electricity supplier situation

curtain industry is actually can go business routes, consumers only need to take the length of cloth, other styles can be, but relatively speaking, online sales type and style is relatively simple, can be said to belong to the curtain industry suppliers in the low-end industries, which is done relatively well will not affect the brand curtains.

curtain brand

as mentioned above, the electricity supplier industry may affect the low-end curtain industry customers, the curtain in the local brand can seize the high-end market, and to establish a brand image for the brand, the electricity industry has little influence on the curtain. For investors, when you choose the brand will choose a relatively low grade brands to join it?

so, although the electricity supplier has a certain degree of impact, the traditional curtain brand is indeed however, due to the special nature of the market, so the curtains, the impact is not large, as long as the store operating properly, money can also be achieved easily. So, if you are ready to open a curtain shop, you will not have to worry about the electricity supplier oh.

Do not arbitrarily cut prices

fierce competition, the business is not good to do, many shops in order to attract consumers will reduce the price of goods. This spring, on the opposite side of the road and the opening of a tobacco store. The size of the shop is not small, the business area of more than and 80 square meters. In our small town, the original population is not much, the source is limited, and now suddenly came up with a new supermarket, which directly affects the business of several shops around us. The boss of this shop is a 80 after the young man, opened soon, he and several shops near the boss launched a price war. Over the past few months, the source of my shop obviously see less, for this reason, I was bored, helpless.

this morning, from the opposite side of the road into a strange middle-aged man, he came in the door and asked: "boss, there is a" diamond (Red China) "it?" I quickly answered, took a "diamond" (Chinese red) from the shelf and handed it to him. The middle-aged man took the "diamond" (Red China) and looked at it for a while and then asked, "how much is it?"" I replied: "150 yuan a."

just saw a middle-aged man that hesitant look, I pointed to the shelf attached to the tobacco companies issued a unified price tag said to him: "my store cigarettes are all from the formal channels of purchase, fake a penalty ten, please rest assured to buy!" The middle-aged man listened to laugh, he readily took out the money to pay the cigarette. Before leaving, the middle-aged man told me that he just go across the street to the store to buy cigarettes, the price of cigarettes sold there although some lower, but there is no price tag, to buy gifts he smoke, lest the fakes, so they did not dare to buy cigarettes in there.

it makes me ponder for a long time, but also let me understand: the original, the price is not necessarily free to bring good business.

in my shop not far away, is a newly established Cangzhou – Dezhou bus station, from 6:30 am to start operating. I observed that a lot of people waiting at the bus station every day. So, I will be used in this part of the potential consumer groups. I have all kinds of goods shop display layout re adjustment and division, will showcase the cigarette on the front of the store’s most prominent position, make people not far from the car is easy to see in the cigarette smoke cabinet; display neat appearance, the tobacco companies issued the price tag corresponding to put in front of each a cigarette; tobacco monopoly retail license I was hanging on the door rushed on the wall, let the customer door to be clear at a glance.

my shop is not less than 50 meters away from the bus station, at the entrance of the shop will be able to clearly see the situation of the car stop, the bus station is open, usually, people waiting for the car in the sun drying. In summer, I deliberately put up a simple shed in front of the store, and put a few small bench, waiting for people to rest. Every day, on the bus

Diffuse hot and sour powder this small project to help you make money easily

Chinese population accounts for 1/3 of the world’s population, the person exists naturally to eat, so Chinese is also a diet country, Chinese food culture for thousands of years since ancient times, it is synchronized with the development of civilization. In such a big country in the diet of natural food will not be less. Chongqing as the capital of food, hot and sour powder is undoubtedly the city’s tongue on the card. It’s fresh, sweet, hemp, spicy, sour attracts diners from all over the country, China has also Hot and Sour Rice Noodles tens of thousands of shops, but no one can like diffuse Hot and Sour Rice Noodles do click, full of sound and colour. It is reported that originated in Chongqing, fortune in Shanghai, Tan hot and sour powder has been listed as one of the most potential for development of snacks to join the brand, then, Tan hot and sour powder is how to do?


intensive and meticulous farming.

now no matter what business, what products to buy, everyone pays attention to a brand, in the popular words is the brand effect. Once the food and beverage industry especially snack category, most businesses have to make money for the sole purpose of the rush to shop, repeated compression cost, ignoring the image of the store and daily management, lead to good business only after all consumers are smart flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, and only the excellent quality can be a long time to attract them.

diffuse hot and sour powder led a snack brand era. Diffuse with Hot and Sour Rice Noodles brand was founded and not busy shop expansion, but to find the best Shanghai brand planning company, VI design, brand interpretation to do a comprehensive review, at the same time, combined with the characteristics and preferences of the target consumers, the brand into the diffuse with love and fashion elements, delicious and health for the first time combined to create the first brand Hot and Sour Rice Noodles lay a solid foundation.

In addition,

hot and sour powder in the market research found that: good brand should not only pay attention to the number of stores and ignore the quality, the correct approach should be hard training". Accurate positioning, efficient management, strict quality control, so that the strength of the rapid rise in the short term, with the incomparable premium premium similar snacks. Man on the brand to have their own unique understanding: do not simply brand advertising, but insist on doing credit. Learn from the successful experience of sea fishing, Subway, KFC, with diffuse improve strength, with the strength of the town shop, when the first man with Hot and Sour Rice Noodles opened the store in Shanghai Shanghai mall, its amazing turnover is sufficient to prove with diffuse strength.

subvert the industry, category innovation


diffuse Hot and Sour Rice Noodles inherits the authentic flavor of Chongqing in taste, but also actively develop a variety of popular young people love choice: beef, pork Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, deep-sea shrimp, spicy crab Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, mushroom & beef broth Hot and Sour Rice Noodles sawuteed Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, five Hot and Sour Rice Noodles fragrant beef offal…… These unique features

N sushi brand recommended

the hearts of our ordinary people is the most delicious Japanese cuisine sushi, sushi production is simple, comprehensive nutrition, so good food can not let consumers like.

sushi originated in Japan, but as early as 200 years after that, China has begun to spread "sushi" this kind of food, in the dictionary is interpreted as salt, vinegar, rice and fish made of food. Sushi is Steamed Rice cabbage meat form, gradually spread to China, become people’s favorite delicacy snacks. N sushi is one of the many brands, popular street, a wide range of vegetables sushi, meat sushi, best-selling market.

N multi sushi brand recommended

N sushi is the first feature of health, can y lock the nutrition of food, will not waste a little vitamin, a little protein. Eat it, more healthy, more beautiful, some sushi sushi, no oil, more healthy, rice does not add any ingredients, direct cooking, is completely healthy, green cooking methods. Sushi and low calorie, low sugar, do not worry about eating fat.

N multi sushi to join the brand’s second feature is fresh, each food has a guarantee, the freshest, most nutritious, delicious food made out of natural delicious. In order to ensure the quality of raw materials, fresh road at the cost of raw materials from the source to order all kinds of ingredients, the first time by air to the Department of cold storage, and sent to the company’s quality inspection departments for pesticide residues, heavy metal detection. Since then, the food is not only delicious, but also very fresh.

N more than third characteristics of sushi is stylish, beautiful and lovely appearance, the store also sold a cartoon image of sushi, to meet the needs of people’s taste buds, but also allow people to feel the art of food. As a popular fashion snack on the street, fresh sushi has gradually become a representative of fashion life, a symbol of popular culture. Whether adults or children, into the shop can not put it down.

N multi sushi joined many advantages, not only fresh, healthy, but also very fashionable, is currently popular snack food, very popular in the market. Open a sushi shop, do not need too much area, ten square meters is enough, a little bigger, then you can also open a sixty square meters, easy to shop, worry free earned.

the above is the simple introduction of N sushi to join the brand, if you need to understand what the brand and other aspects of the problem, please in the message below our website, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

20 thousand yuan Entrepreneurship Program Daquan

society now for many young people, some of the small social entrepreneurship projects tend to be welcomed, but in life there is now some suitable for small business and investment projects, what are the specific? Let’s take a look.

2 million venture: flowers made crafts

the so-called "process of flowers", is a change in the past sales of flowers, according to the special needs of various flowers, will get all dressed up, make it more personalized beauty. The process has a flavor for taste, color luster, also can be decorated with various kinds of silk ribbons, etc., and then to a special basket, gift box packaging. Japanese attach great importance to quality and personality, as long as the favorite flowers, even if the price is high also has a lot of people to buy, the flower and flower growers, processors in the harvest is not small.

2 million venture project: new toy

2 million venture project: recycling computer

2 million venture: simulation doll doll shop

simulation dolls is the copy of "little master" like production, has the following characteristics: one is the unique idea, can let the child and simulation doll together into the children’s paradise; two is vivid pleasant, because my children made in accordance with the specific appearance; three is to follow the trend, the annual international fashion trend launch clothing, toys, accessories, supplies and children sharing. Its main target is children aged 1 to 14.

to the image store and launch. Although in itself can only sell one, but it will produce a series of consumption, such as a variety of popular products, furniture, clothing, small vehicles and so on, an accident damaged also need to enter the "simulation doll hospital" by the professional technicians to recommend

Choose the wrong five rural entrepreneurial mentality

in the home to promote entrepreneurship policy, many people try to tap the blank market, have to go to the countryside to start a business. However, there are many differences between rural investment and urban investment, with the wrong point of view to the countryside, the results will be better than the loss.

should be how to deal with?

1, the first speculative mentality is coveted project

2, second

is betting on government support speculative mentality

3, third kinds of speculative mentality is making money

agricultural investment profits, whether plant or products, often with their inseparable. There are two basic forms of land ownership in China: one is the ownership of all land owned by the state, that is, the collective ownership of land collectively owned by the working people. In short, it is divided into rural collective owned and state-owned, and once the current change to the latter, often will have a huge value added. This led to some of the potential value of the land to the coveted "so-called investment ulterior motives, into the field of agriculture. But in fact, in the final analysis of the land or farmers, even if the land

Hot Tea, HK Style brand to choose what is good – the whole

When it comes to healthy drink investment projects,

is a must. We all know that there are many brands of tea in our side, but there are few high-profile. China’s local well-known brands do not say, we only talk about the famous Hong Kong style milk tea. We have a lot of dining habits in the mainland are affected by the Hongkong region, such as afternoon tea, Hong Kong style milk tea, tea restaurants, etc.. Hot Tea, HK Style is a kind of tea now popular in Hongkong Hongkong, is a known to every family tea, every day there are a lot of demand, now Hot Tea, HK Style also to enter the mainland, more popular, in the brand Hot Tea, HK Style many brands, which brand is good? Today Xiaobian to recommend the Hong Kong style milk tea.

Hong Kong tea brand choose what is better? How about the Hot Tea, HK Style?

good brand image

Zhengzhou maiduo odd Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2006, is a collection development, design, production, marketing and service as one of the large-scale comprehensive food machinery management of catering enterprises, the company constantly updated taste, and strive to maintain the brand image, improve the traditional approach, the challenge of Western tea, with superb technical skills, high quality the product standard, details of quality checks, customer service service, perfect management system, strong team strength, has been enduring performance of warlords, at the same time also won in the industry and consumers alike, create a good brand image.

operating flexible


Hot Tea, HK Style product variety, affordable, comfortable environment, favored by consumers. Join the Hot Tea, HK Style, need not what experience, investment is also very flexible, they can operate independently, the operation is simple and convenient.

join steady money

Compared the

Hot Tea, HK Style and other brands, opened more simple, as long as there are a dozen square meters of shops can, investment is very low, at the same time as the brand a good image and a variety of products, there will be a large number of loyal consumers to drink, worry about selling the franchisee, the franchisee stores business often hot, join the steady money.


above is of the Hot Tea, HK Style advantage, I believe you have a preliminary understanding of the brand, if you still have what other problems do not know we will contact you in the first time in our website below give us a message to see the message.

How to join the AOTIN whole kitchen waste processor

our life, can not be separated from the disposal of garbage. As we are getting more and more healthy, it is necessary to choose a garbage disposal. AOTIN kitchen waste processor? Brand strength, joined the AOTIN kitchen waste processor project, a significant advantage!

Taizhou AOTIN Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and service of new technologies, new products, environmental protection and energy saving. The company is committed to creating a harmonious, green and modern home environment, to provide users with advanced design, advanced technology, advanced quality of environmentally friendly products.

2005 years, the product has gradually been introduced into the mainland market, and quickly by the great consumer. At present, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen city has dozens of residential unified installation of the food waste processor, in the new residential technology demonstration projects, also has a kitchen waste processor as a modern kitchen facilities promotion plan, demonstration.

AOTIN kitchen waste processor okay? Not only for consumers to create a better environment, but also the greatest gospel of women. So, start to choose to join the AOTIN kitchen waste processor project, is the right choice!

Graduates job offer three categories of people can receive subsidies

entrepreneurship subsidies for college students to start a business is the most practical help in Quanzhou graduates job seeking to obtain subsidies are required to be able to get subsidies are divided into three categories, as follows:

"Circular" pointed out that the year of graduation employment intention and actively undertaking the following job full-time college graduates and technical college senior workers, prepare technician class graduates and special education college graduates occupation education, can apply for a one-time job subsidy industry: one is the graduates subsistence family of urban and rural residents, two disabled graduates, three graduates has been the national student loans.

"notice" clearly, after graduation to continue their studies abroad, and no graduates employment aspirations, not included in the object subsidies, job subsidies each person can only apply for a business, not repeat enjoy. The payment of subsidies shall adhere to the principle of voluntary application, openness and impartiality, territorial management, and earmarking. Qualified graduates can apply to the local department in March 31st before the college graduates employment work.

have double nature entrepreneurial dreams entrepreneurs need to venture this road is not easy, want to be successful in addition to their own efforts, can also help, now entrepreneurship policy support has a lot easier.



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