Xining non-public economy accounted for nearly 90%

With the commercial system reform, "three in one" and a series of decentralization, reduce approval, reduce the registration threshold policy in Xining landing, Xining city market is increasing rapidly. At the end of October this year, the main registration of new types of market of 4863 households in Xining, the registered capital of 17 billion 918 million yuan. As the province’s economic center, the city of Xining is gradually attracted public entrepreneurship and innovation of the new opportunities.

Xining rural housing construction incentives to progress smoothly

Xining city in 2010 the rural housing construction work incentive plans to complete the 19700 households in rural housing construction tasks, which focus on the new renovation site of 16166 households, 3534 households

in Xining city in 2010 the rural housing construction work incentive plans to complete the 19700 households in rural housing construction tasks, which focus on the new renovation site of 16166 households, 3534 households. At the end of October, the city has started 19700, the operating rate of 100%; completed 12174 households (1901 households in Huangzhong County, Huangyuan County, 2176 households, 6007 households in Datong County, East District 1577 households, 471 households in the District, North District 42 households), the completion rate of 62%. A total of 1 billion 953 million 95 thousand yuan of funds for the implementation of the building, of which the provincial capital of $78 million 800 thousand, municipal funds of $19 million 700 thousand, the county matching funds 19 million 700 thousand yuan, farmers raised $1 billion 812 million 625 thousand, farmers loans of $22 million 270 thousand. Now all districts and counties have all entered the completion, acceptance, filing, payment of funds to work in the stage, Xining in 2010 to carry out the construction of rural housing incentives.




Xining North District CDPF helping disabled people

Recently, the city of Xining in the north of the third week of the disabled cultural week and auxiliary equipment distribution ceremony held in Chaoyang District, Xining city. To the disabled wheelchair 101, hearing aid issued 50, 93 staff, also issued walker, blind people with supplies more than 300 pieces. (author: Ma Juan, Li Mingshan)

Start a new model, levy demolition of 2 million 889 thousand square meters

housing levy, this year the city started a new pattern of urban demolition. Reporter held from December 2nd 2014 the city’s housing levy experience exchange and observe the meeting that this year the county city in strict accordance with the "sunshine collection, according to the law" principle, the demolition work will move the focus of the dismantlees interests front, after a large number of repeated and detailed investigation, in the area for the masses after the housing levy approval. Up to now, the city has completed the demolition of 2 million 889 thousand square meters, ahead of the completion of the target task.

the county in the implementation of the new housing levy process is in strict accordance with the expropriation procedures, regulate the housing levy assessment behavior, take reasonable compensation, the "sunshine operation" through the levy demolition always get more recognition, levied on households. The weather of south area housing levy project in the "311" incentives to run, soon to complete the collection area; north area will be properly placed as a collection center, just 10 days time to complete the "black Qaidam road building shantytowns housing levy demolition; the implementation of enterprise filing system and margin management in Datong County to protect the legitimate rights and interests, levied on households; Huangyuan County resettlement housing in shantytowns financing through loans and government repurchase Xianfang, solve the practical difficulties and the reasonable demands imposed on households, housing levy smoothly.


Xining 2 ancient theme park to return to work

March 15th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Gardens Bureau, at present, reproduce Xining ancient eight historical and cultural features of the two theme park, scenic area, Beishan scenic Shek Kip breeze rain has resumed in October this year, plans to complete the construction tasks.

Beishan scenic spot is located in the range of the original Beishan Forest Farm, in March 15th, the reporter saw at the construction site, workers are busy leveling the land, for the spread of green ready to do. This new theme park plans a total investment of about 37000000 yuan, the construction of a total area of 27.8 hectares, of which the core area of about 10 hectares. This scenic spot is committed to restoring the ancient Xining one of the eight "Beishan Yanyu" style, construction of buildings, amidst the landscape corridor, plant sketch and scenic road, combined with the existing ningshou tower, and the earth outlook regional integration, formed a set of cultural entertainment, leisure, tourism services and other functions as one of the comfortable and humanistic the rich connotation of tourism scenic spots. The construction of scenic spot in Shek Kip Yang Gou Wan Cun, Chengdong District Roca Town, Nanshan municipal authorities greening area of responsibility. Scenic investment plan is 21 million 490 thousand yuan, covers an area of about 10 hectares. The breeze pavilion area to the Shek Kip king, construction, landscape wall, pavilion rockery landscape sketch.

last year, Beishan scenic scenic Shixia breeze amidst the completed project and part of the green project, will launch a large-scale construction and greening work this year. The two theme park built after 2011, the municipal government commitment to the 10 theme park public building built in 9, another theme park, sports park is currently doing the preparatory work, plans to start construction this year. (author: small words)

Push forward the four forms pilot work

In February 17th, the party secretary Wang Xiaoxian into the Datong County town, township, multi Lin Xun rang Xin Zhuang Zhen Liang Jiao Xiang, Xie Gou Xiang, Datong County, on the use of supervision and discipline of "four forms" from the strict control of the party party pilot research guidance. Research, Wang Xiao detailed understanding of the difficulties and problems in the pilot work, put forward a number of issues and research countermeasures. City leaders Zhang Yonghai, Song Chenxi together.After

Xining evening news selection of the most beautiful buildings rave reviews

enthusiastic public participation, the crowded scene.



is the most beautiful building of the city’s "report card", the United States and the United States is the selection of the construction and real estate development and planning and design aspects of a comprehensive evaluation and a major review. Sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Xining city housing security and Property Management Bureau, Xining municipal and Rural Construction Committee, the Xining Municipal Urban Planning Bureau, Xining evening news, Xining municipal government jointly hosted the evening news network the most beautiful building contest since the start, a hot topic in the society, the industry will be regarded as a "level" assessment the platform, but the ordinary people into making and the selection of the city.

9 pm the same day, the central square is crowded, everyone here has become the most beautiful building in the selection of the guests, square pieces of boards are people crowded around the palaces in the moon, less than 40 minutes, more than 3 of votes have been sold out, although the list of candidates is numerous, but to find the most beautiful building in Xining. Everyone has their own criteria. "The rapid development of Xining, we live and work in these buildings, every day in the change, for the development of the city of Xining drum and drum, is a kind of pride, but also a responsibility." Citizen Zhao Xue said.

high-rise buildings stand up, different shapes, full of personality buildings springing up, the past two years, more and more Xining metropolis taste, urban construction shaking, every citizen has a deep feeling. The reporter found on the day of the public in the selection, Shangri-La, international village, jinzuo Sheng Jin, the new millennium, the international commercial lane, Lido Hengda, Shengze, Ziwei city…… The bustling city full of modern Xining landmark, by many "voters" optimistic, have been pushing. Citizen Peng Wei said he lived here for many years, weekdays feel very ordinary, but through this concentrated display, only to find that the construction of Xining is so beautiful. (author: Xiao Yu)

Qinghai real estate speculators made canvassing

Qinghai news network yesterday evening, the most beautiful building selection of public votes on the scene, the housing prices have resorted to a variety of tricks canvassing,;

Xining in the first half of this year, social security costs 72 million 980 thousand yuan

August 10th, the reporter learned from relevant departments, the first half of this year, Xining City, a total payment of social insurance premiums owed 72 million 980 thousand yuan, of which payment of endowment insurance arrears 71 million 380 thousand yuan, insurance fee payment arrears 1 million 600 thousand yuan.

from the arrears of key enterprises, the endowment insurance premium in arrears accumulated arrears of more than 5 million yuan in arrears on households was 1; the endowment insurance premium in arrears accumulated arrears of more than 2 million yuan on arrears households was 11, total unpaid pension insurance. 470 thousand yuan, accounting for 2633? The old-age insurance fee of 65 of the number of accumulated arrears 66%.?. The unemployment insurance premium accumulated arrears of more than 500 thousand yuan in arrears on households was 6, accumulated arrears of unemployment insurance fee is 200?. 620 thousand yuan, accounting for unemployment insurance accumulated arrears of number 32? 17%.

According to the present situation of

social insurance in Xining, the local tax departments of all districts and counties, combined with the actual situation of the country, has developed a series of social security fees and settlement of arrears management measures, and all enterprises set up the classification of household arrears arrears of pension insurance accounting, annual fee arrears of more than 500 thousand yuan or, accumulated arrears 2 million yuan arrears key enterprises, as well as the unemployment insurance premium this year in arrears of more than 200 thousand yuan or 500 thousand yuan arrears accumulated arrears key enterprises, as the key object to monitor arrears. (author: Xue Zhifeng)


Sanjiang source of the first phase project acceptance rate of 100%

9 month 12 days, reporters from the Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction project completion and acceptance will be informed that after 10 years of construction, Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of a project of three categories of 22 projects in 1041 sub projects through the provincial inspection and acceptance rate of 100%. After assessment, the ecological value of the assets of the source area reached 12 trillion and 700 billion yuan yuan, the ecological benefits of ecological construction in Sanjiang source area generated an average of $3 billion 500 million. Realize the ecological value, improve the livelihood of the people and the development of the ability of the major stages of effectiveness.

since 2005, the state started the implementation of the Sanjiang Qinghai nature reserve ecological protection and construction master plan, the province completed a total investment of 8 billion 539 million yuan, the implementation of the top 22 categories of projects. The project area is broad, the construction content is many, the scale of investment is unprecedented, is one of the projects of ecological construction in our province, is also an important carrier to support the construction of comprehensive experimental area. After years of construction, compared with 2004, the three rivers to the downstream average annual output of more than 5 billion 800 million cubic meters of high-quality water for the economic and social development of the Sanjiang river basin provides a strong support. River source area ecological asset value reached 12 trillion and 700 billion yuan, accounting for the province’s ecological assets total value of 18 trillion and 390 billion yuan 68.9%; annual produce ecological benefit of ecological construction of Sanjiang source area is 3 billion 500 million yuan, 4 billion 100 million yuan annual ecological benefit accounted for 85.3%, the rate of return on investment as high as 204.3%. 2015 Sanjiang source area of farmers and herdsmen per capita net income reached 6565 yuan, an average annual growth of 12.4%. Li Xiaonan

is the director of Sanjiang Province, the source of ecological protection and construction office, for the Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of a total project acceptance work more scientific and rigorous, the provincial government attaches great importance to research and deployment work, Sanjiang source of ecological protection and Construction Office of the relevant departments and experts to complete the preparation of the "Sanjiang source of ecological protection and the construction project (a) to meet the national acceptance of work outline and work programme", timely development "Qinghai Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction project archives inspection work program", forming and filing documents, according to project management documents, documents and other nine categories of ecological migration Engineering Archives Volume 9363, a total of 336 form a picture file volume of nearly 70 thousand, more than 260 pages. At the same time, complete digital processing Archives Volume 7819 (box) of more than 203, the formation of electronic records of more than 3.4 bar, proofreading and revision of nearly 50 thousand records full movie directory, the electronic file and paper file double filing.


Xining ring road linking Dandong tunnel

yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial highway construction authority, S102 line Xining ring road safety through mutual aid to Datong highway tunnel in December 1st successfully.

Dandong tunnel is located in Huzhu Tu Autonomous County Mountain card ditch, the limit is 10 meters wide, 5 meters in height, a total length of 1010 meters, according to the two single hole double lane two-way highway traffic design, the design speed of 60 kilometers per hour, 80 million 165 thousand yuan of investment. The Loess covering area of the tunnel entrance slope, there are steep loess, crushing, inlet and outlet water, shallow buried section of poor surrounding rock, rock strength is very low, covering layer is thinner, holes difficulties and many other negative factors. Since the project started, the construction unit adopts unilateralpilot tunnel construction method, overcome the import and export of bias against the slope construction problem of hole, has achieved victory through the tunnel. After crossing the highway, the vehicle does not need to go through the road when the vehicle passes through the clamping ditch, which can directly pass through the clamping groove, which greatly shortens the distance and time.


Several of the best investment projects in the summer to make money

what are you planning to do this summer? Do you have any investment? Do you know what to invest in? If you do not have a clear answer to these questions, then you may wish to take a look at this summer’s best investment in several major environmental projects, all of which are the strength of the big name, investment super money.

bangmei net of indoor air purification

bangmei net of indoor air purification products used in the series of nano biotechnology, furniture paint, paint and adhesive for slow release of benzene and developed a new generation of purification products, the technology breaks through the single method through oxidative decomposition, activator material with the removal of benzene pollution through bio technology and nano for a long time, obvious treatment effect, and no pollution two.

520 air purification gas station

with the indoor air pollution is due to the arrogance of his nemesis, the 520 gas station (air purification air pollution purification service). There are 520 air purification stations in the place, the air pollution can only raise their hands to surrender. Therefore, the 520 air purification gas station to become the best indoor air pollution control.

Zhongke Hengnuo air purifier

HEPA high efficient air purification technology, coconut shell activated carbon, nano ultrasonic atomization technology in one, set in the

Sakura cubic pollution

Sakura cubic pollution on the basis of the photocatalyst, breaking the rules, the integration of new technologies will be bold, the limitations of photocatalyst is minimized, thereby greatly its purification function. This governance products, governance can meet the national standards for indoor formaldehyde content, in order to reduce the possible harm to the body.

2015 years, the environmental protection project has been a hot investment, these projects are the strength of the brand of environmental protection projects, has a good market reputation, strong market appeal. Investors choose one project, can grasp the odds of success, because they have the perfect support to protect.

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Qinghai Tibet Plateau Yak, Tibetan sheep organic product industrialization production technology dem

Recently, the Qinghai provincial green food Co., Ltd. undertaken by the Xining science and technology project, Qinghai Tibet Plateau Yak, Tibetan sheep organic product industrialization production technology demonstration project passed the acceptance

recently, by the Qinghai provincial green source food Co., Ltd. to undertake the Xining science and technology project, Qinghai Tibet Plateau Yak, Tibetan sheep organic product industrialization production technology demonstration project passed the acceptance. The project builds up organic farming and products processing base, complete production and processing base of organic certification and product certification, the establishment of organic livestock products production, processing and sale of traceability system, and put into use in the production, it has very important significance for our province organic animal husbandry development drive.


project focuses on organic animal husbandry broad prospects and advantages of resources in Qinghai province lvcaoyuan Food Co. Ltd. as a leader, cooperate with the Academy of animal husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute, outstanding brand strategy, in strict accordance with the GB/T19630 production of organic food, organic food processing, organic food labeling and marketing and management system requirements for breeding the acquisition, processing and sales process. The development of yak and Tibetan sheep frozen small packaging products 3, meet the relevant quality standards, the production of organic products 100 tons, becoming the province’s first certified organic livestock products, added value of 3 million 600 thousand yuan, the economic benefit is obvious. The project was first introduced the development of Qinghai province and organic product traceability system to achieve the information management, and effectively protect the consumer products safety, enhance the market competitiveness of the products, promote the efficiency of animal husbandry and herdsmen.



Xining eighth Badminton Open

In September 19th 2015, "Victor told the Xining area sports cup eighth badminton tournament start, more than 200 players of 22 teams from various companies, clubs and groups of people, respectively, for mixed groups A and group B mixed team champion.

the tournament hosted by the Xining Municipal Sports bureau. The first stage of the competition grouping cycle, group phase by single cycle system, the second stage cross knockout, every game is three innings two wins, 21 points system. According to the relevant person in charge of the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, after eight years of perseverance and innovation in this event, has a high popularity in the region of Xining. Changes in the level of the team can best reflect the changes in the event, the team to participate in the competition before the majority of the corporate team, but in recent years, social groups, enterprises and institutions are actively participating in the team. More and more people, the level is also increasing year by year. It is worth mentioning that the tournament has 6 teams in the first team, about 60 people, these players are all outstanding badminton, because only the other games in the top three, to become the tournament’s first team, which greatly enhance the team level, and improve the competitive competition team.

The introduction of Western leakproof garbage truck

In order to further improve the urban environmental sanitation quality, constantly improve the living environment, recently, Chengxi District Sanitation Department is equipped with 3 vehicles without leakage of compression type garbage truck. No leakage of compression type garbage truck is a kind of efficient transport garbage collection, city sanitation special vehicles, we can easily realize the size of the trash can grab, lifting and unloading, collecting garbage collection, compression, transport in one, with excellent texture, full sealing, low noise, beautiful appearance and anti leakage of sewage two, anti leakage to etc.. In recent years, with the rapid development of city economy, the garbage amount increased rapidly, garbage removal process, not only the existence of the existing garbage vehicles obsolescence, serious disrepair, the number of vehicles, poor condition and other problems, there are not matched with the garbage collector, the families of the current residential building hospital is equipped with two. Handling garbage spill, causing two pollution due to the collection process. No leakage of compression type garbage truck will be fundamentally resolved by the old garbage transport vehicles spill, two pollution and noise pollution caused by the backward, safety, environmental protection, the concept of humanity to realize garbage removal work.  

Solve the employment problem of the masses 15 million

Years ago, combined with the party’s mass line educational practice activities of "looking back", the municipal finance raising all kinds of subsidies 15 million yuan, actively do practical things for the masses to solve problems, efforts to solve the hot and difficult issues of poverty alleviation linked villages and employment of disadvantaged groups in health and employment. In the party’s mass line of educational practice, the municipal finance visits poor contact point village people, social security, health care, pension and other Huimin policy implementation conducted in-depth research, to understand problems in Datong County Rural health centers Qingshan basic medical equipment with poor medical environment, affecting the surrounding farmers medical treatment and other hot issues the masses are strongly. Based on the grass-roots level verification, will peak West District in pengjiavillage hospital, North District Hospital and Datong County township hospital and several primary health care institutions, merge to solve the basic medical and health institutions and medical environment and capacity building, multi search solutions, the key to solve, actively implement the provincial subsidies 5 million yuan, effectively improve the medical environment and the ability of primary health care institutions. At the same time, for the city of flexible employment because the work is not stable, low income, positive communication and convergence of the Provincial Department of finance, for the provincial financial subsidies 10 million yuan, used for solving the problems of flexible employment and retirement disposable pay the basic medical insurance etc..