3 tips for choosing the right target market

many entrepreneurs for the choice of the industry is very confused, do not know how to do. In fact, on the market, many entrepreneurs do not want to be restricted, they often believe their creation has broad appeal, they always imagine more services industry, geographic population and application.

1. deliver real value quickly? Early customers should be satisfied with the use of a product that has not been flooded. They must be involved in the R & D process, providing a wealth of product characteristics and early use without glitches. Is there a customer department that will ease the pain even in part?

2. access to a large number of customers? Venture startups that work with just one customer create a product that will be too specific and not easily duplicated. Entrepreneurs should work with a small group of initial users to ensure that their products can be widely used.

3. can be linked to similar industries? Sales of a start-up to a market will lead to a positive cash flow. But to grow up, it will eventually diversify. This requires the formation of a case in the first market for customers to solve the problem, and the subsequent market buyers, even if the product needs substantial modification.

Entrepreneurship does not mean that it is important to take risks

everyone’s venture, it seems to be an unpredictable way. Facebook  the first venture was in a college dorm, Google  in the garage in the early days of entrepreneurship. Where did you start your first venture?

Tom  is a small fund company vice president of marketing in recent years, the development of the fund industry bottlenecks, the market environment is bad, the fund issued or he began to find another way. His reason is simple: he wants to be promoted to the director of the market is not big, if the job hopping to the newly established fund company, the position will be promoted, but the new company is facing many challenges, very difficult to work. So he decided to start a consulting firm with like-minded friends. It can be said, Tom  start a business, is the need for career development.

Fingerprint lock ten brands list – the whole

now people are rich, and all kinds of unstable factors are also increasing, so, the choice of locks, people will naturally choose more and more high-end products, fingerprint lock was born. And because of the increasing market demand, the industry is more and more brands. So, fingerprint lock which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of fingerprint lock bar.

fingerprint lock ten brands list NO.1, Gil KEYLOCK – Guangdong, the first electronic technology Co., Ltd.:

was founded in 1990, one of the country’s largest manufacturer of fingerprint locks, the company is committed to fingerprint lock products, the United States Gil enterprise Limited by Share Ltd.

fingerprint lock ten brands list NO.2, ADEL Shenzhen, Adel Adel:

is a national high-tech enterprises, leading domestic brands of fingerprint anti-theft lock industry, is committed to the production of high-tech enterprises lock, Shenzhen Aidier Electronic Co. ltd..

fingerprint lock ten brands list NO.3, buck – Shenzhen city of Technology Co., Ltd. –

R & D and production of fingerprint office door lock / fingerprint safe / attendance machine and other products of high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen city science and Technology Co., ltd..

fingerprint lock ten brands list NO.4, ARCHIE Yajie Guangdong elegant Hardware Co. Ltd.:

A Well-Known Trademark in China, brand-name products in Guangdong Province, Guangdong province famous trademark, Guangdong hundred private enterprises, industry famous brand, Guangdong province elegant Hardware Co. ltd..

fingerprint lock ten brands list NO.5, DESSMANN Dessmann – DESSMANN electromechanical (China) Co., Ltd.:

specializes in fingerprint biotechnology research and fingerprint lock / fingerprint safe deposit boxes and other products of high-tech foreign owned enterprises, Zhejiang DESSMANN Electric Co., ltd..

fingerprint lock ten brands list NO.6, golden finger code KSMAK – Hangzhou Gold code Industrial Co., Ltd.:

the only set of fingerprint algorithm research / embedded fingerprint identification module developed in one of the enterprises, the industry famous brand, Hangzhou Jin code Industrial Co., ltd..

fingerprint lock ten brands list NO.7, Hongda, Hongda High Tech Group Co Ltd:

Business mentor Zhu Bo Shenzhen began business barometer


management activities like a raging fire, but the financing market is facing a great winter, many investors are reluctant to invest in pocket holding. How can we create an ideal investor entrepreneurial projects, access to investors favor, the majority of entrepreneurs are thinking about the problem.

now in the financing of winter, how to get angel investors and venture capital favored? P2P, O2O, electricity providers, these investors or mind? What kind of entrepreneurial projects will be welcomed by them? Yesterday, organized by Baoan District publicity department, Baoan District Bureau of science and technology innovation, Shenzhen newspaper group crystal newspaper, Baoan District Economic Promotion Bureau, CO invest Baoan District, Baoan District occupation ability development bureau "the creation of · new Baoan" fourteenth famous speeches on the special Zhou Baoan Jing Bao, innovation Valley incubator fund founder are dreamers & his answer: do a good job in the industry vertical, you may also be able to create a Alibaba.

2012, from HUAWEI to resign the innovation Valley incubator &, founder of the dream fund, Zhu Bo, the blood of the entrepreneurial venture is activated again. But he did not choose to become entrepreneurs, but became an investor. In this regard, he said: "I can no longer create a Tencent, it is impossible to create a business empire like Alibaba. In the tide of entrepreneurship, I have retired, I still do the coaches."

for the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four entrepreneurs, Zhu Bo stressed that Shenzhen people out of ideas, tell the story in the Beijing people’s thinking, to Shanghai polished business model, moved to Guangzhou, is the best combination of entrepreneurship among. Among them, the most important is the idea, and this is precisely the advantage of Shenzhen. China today recommend

An analysis of the unique advantages of Chongqing street in old city street

Chongqing is the time when the whole Chinese people are familiar with? Presumably, CCTV large food culture documentary on the tip of the tongue "China" after the broadcast, the delicious Chongqing small noodles are reflected fully and delightfully have not eaten, let people want to taste the unique flavor of Chongqing small noodles. Since the famous Chongqing small face, Chongqing has repeatedly selected ten small facet of Chongqing. With the popularity of the national food and beverage snack food market, and now many of the top ten small Chongqing have launched a franchise model, attracting a large number of small investment entrepreneurs. Chongqing side to join the top ten which make money? Reporters in Chongqing market access to the small surface, the old city street Chongqing small business opportunities, hot profit, get rich worry free!

Chongqing small noodles and Chongqing has become a "Hot pot as an important symbol of urban life in the mountain city", has become an integral part of life in chongqing. With the following street snack was moved on the screen that moment, Chongqing has become a small facet of the culture, has become a lot of entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to get rich. Old city street Chongqing noodles to join a unique taste to meet the needs of people’s food, but the investment cost is small, is a good project to make money.

then join the old city street, Chongqing, what are the unique advantages of small?.

market potential – the old town street, Chongqing is a health industry, repeat consumption, market development so that you have a stable source of customers, at the same time in line with the increasingly accelerated pace of life;

product flavor – old city street Chongqing unique formula, unique flavor, so that you have a strong market competition;

simple operation – the old city street Chongqing master the core technology to reduce the demand and dependence on the chef, increase the success rate of their own shop;

no chef operation – the old city street Chongqing noodles without a chef, a week to learn a full set of technology, easy to operate, low-risk venture rich!

policy — old city street Chongqing small noodles from a single store operation to the regional agency, let your business unlimited extension;

to share the success of the old city street, Chongqing, a direct reference to the national side of the success of the alliance store model, so that the franchisee low-risk join.

The theme of the food industry

Old Town Street opposite the concept of Chinese Chongqing small noodles with innovation, create pasta industry culture museum, and to improve the image of the noodle shop level to another level, change the mass of consumers across the common low-end impression. Old city street Chongqing people from the product, service, tableware, decoration, spare no effort to seek the differentiation of the competition, and strive to achieve a comprehensive innovation, the establishment of Chongqing small industry standards, leading the industry >

Car jewelry store investment guide

modern pursuit of personality, fashion, not only in their own clothes on the very particular about the decoration in the car is also particularly hard. Therefore, the opening of a car jewelry store is a broad market prospects, is a rare investment choice. The following is a car jewelry shop investment guide, follow the small series together to see it!

first, market analysis:

with the continuous popularization of automobiles, consumer demand for automotive textiles is also growing. At present, China’s domestic textile products will grow by an annual rate of 20%, it is estimated that China’s textile needs about 60 million square meters per year, the market can be imagined. As the saying goes: a good horse with a good saddle. General owners willing to buy a car will also spend money on the car to change the point of a personalized interior. Therefore, such accessories should be a market potential.

two, implementation:

1, site selection and decoration: street storefront, with a display of shops and a warehouse, the workplace is appropriate. Store set up the ingredients display area, style design area, personalized ornaments display area. The warehouse can be converted into a workshop and an assembly shop. Decoration, you can find a point of the car culture to learn from the decoration style, but must highlight personality.

2, goods into the purchase: the automotive interior of the textile based, into the purchase of a variety of colors of fabric, or with the supply of goods manufacturers signed a purchase and sale contract. In the design and color of the fabric must follow the trend of automobile consumption, to grasp the modern consumer psychology of the car, so that it will not press the goods.

3, employees: 1 sewing workers, professional installation workers of the 2, the designer of the 1 (operators are best able to do their own).

4, promotion and publicity: distributing leaflets in the automotive market, making posters posted to the automotive market. Can also be classified as a small newspaper ads.

car jewelry store how to operate? I believe that after reading the above, you have a good understanding of the problem. In fact, open the car jewelry store, as long as the site and decoration, commodity purchase, staff management and promotion, shop is not difficult.

How to join Mario cake brand

food market is a giant bakery West Point, West Point to enter the Chinese market has been widely welcomed by consumers. Of course, for so many years, West Point store in China has occupied a large market. It has a high reputation in the world, just like Chinese food. Europe is the main birthplace of West Point, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia and other countries have a long history, and achieved remarkable achievements in development. Mario cake Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, is a production and sales of high-end Chinese and Western pastry, bread, dumplings and moon cakes professional business.

company in Hunan, Changsha city road set up nearly 50 stores, the formation of a certain regional sales advantage. The company now has more than 8 thousand square meters of modern central factory, staff of more than 300 people, including more than 5 Hong Kong, Macao, Guangdong, and more than 20 senior baking professionals elite management team. After more than and 10 years of development, the company Mario cake is fast and efficient and attentive service concept, to provide high-quality food to consumers, and for many years by the Bureau of technical supervision, Industrial and Commercial Bureau awarded various honors.

has been, Mario cake company adhering to the "quality and safety as the core, innovation and development as the fundamental, standardized management as a means, customer satisfaction as the goal" as the quality policy. Its "Mario" brand has become an influential food brand in Hunan Province, by the vast number of consumers love, but also for countless entrepreneurs to create an efficient business opportunities to become rich!

how about Mario cake? What are the conditions? How to join?

Mario cake join conditions:

1, I and family health, have passion and enthusiasm in this industry;

2, recognized and accepted the Mario cake business philosophy and model, interested in venture capital;

3, to provide a legal identity card, so as to set up the headquarters of the real file;

4, implement and comply with the Mario cake management system;

5, with independent legal personality or strong economic strength of natural persons;

6, with good sense of cooperation, good business reputation;

7, can be put into the operation of Mario cake, and have a certain degree of market sensitivity.

Mario cake joining process:

investment consulting


Entrepreneurial analysis of mobile entrepreneurs cognitive errors which

mobile Internet era, the opportunity to start more and more businesses, many people are doing poineering work through the mobile internet. However, at present there are many mobile Internet entrepreneurs may have misconceptions. The following sort of entrepreneurs three cognitive errors, and join my observation and judgment, hoping to help entrepreneurs.

because venture products first do is not only available, but also to take into account the user stickiness later. A simple function to even the crude product is absolutely impossible to keep the user, in general, such products must be very strong tool, and the lack of user interaction, the product is destined to go too far.

two mistakes: vertical segments is equal to the popular market

Internet after ten years of vigorous development, in search engines, instant messaging, news portals, e-commerce and so on the birth of a giant. At present, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu is the Internet industry’s three giants, as well as millet,, vip.com and so on billions of dollars of the company to occupy the market. These Internet companies have sufficient cash flow, elite product promotion team, the entrepreneurial team is extremely lethal.

entrepreneurs who have a lot of quality is worth learning, such as full of passion, such as modest. Therefore, we can see a lot of entrepreneurial cafes, but what Sharon lectures are crowded, 80% of them are entrepreneurs. But do entrepreneurs really need to spend too much time learning a knowledge or skill that they don’t know when they can be used? I feel it inside

How to choose a brand – the whole to open restaurants

food and beverage industry has been an industry more optimistic about the people in the business when, also can get a return as soon as possible in the industry, many people have chosen to open a restaurant, because the catering market has a strong demand, but also not fade, so everyone will give priority to the industry. But open the hotel, we must choose a good brand, so that the development of the latter will also bring a great impact. How to choose a brand to start a business? Here’s a look at.

"I started to join, I feel very good to follow others, and later the other people to sell a wholly owned enterprise, but also registered its own brand." Talking about their own experience in food and beverage business, Wu Junfeng said, for the catering entrepreneurs, there are risks to join, the key is to choose the brand.

The higher the

dining conditions, the greater the success rate. Deng Shengli said that the competitiveness of the chain because of the development of a better future, joined the natural requirements are high. Join the more stringent conditions of the brand tend to have a more complete join system and a stronger financial and strength, but the ability to ensure that the franchisee profit.

in the selection of food and beverage companies to join, we must personally go to headquarters." Deng Shengli said, now a lot of chain enterprises, plus a few years ago, considerable profit franchise, making some of the new chain enterprises and franchisees are more impetuous. Many entrepreneurs eager to start, just listen to the chain some promotional material on the hastily signed, until there are disputes that headquarters is smaller than its own stores, and even a shell, does not address the issue of capacity and stores experience.

now, some people hype a brand is to make money in the short term to join the. Wu Junfeng remind catering entrepreneurs, in choosing to join the brand, we must pay attention to the brand is to develop or to join the mode of making money. In addition, depends on whether the brand is suitable for local consumption habits.

believes that after Xiaobian introduce you understand for this industry more deeply, also hope to succeed, read the above content, the hotel opened for entrepreneurs how to choose the brand of this problem, I believe we all understand. Start a business hotel, we must choose a good brand, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the market, to bring their own good hotel development.