Ministry of finance will continue to increase tax incentives to promote small and micro enterprises

scared you because the whole social entrepreneurship have become more and more, there are many Small and micro businesses survive is also faced with hitherto unknown difficulties, in order to promote the development of confidence, Small and micro businesses to bring people some venture further recently, the Ministry of finance will continue to increase small and micro enterprises preferential tax to promote entrepreneurship.

for the new normal in the current economy, Small and micro businesses tax cuts will bring pressure on local finance. Wang Jianfan said that due to the gradual implementation of tax cuts, some tax cuts in the implementation of the effect of a few years ago has been gradually released, the overall impact on the central and local financial limited.

"this is the tax policy according to the economic situation changes and adjustments in the results, but also reflects the tax play the role of macro-control." Wang Jianfan said that for some effective measures will be considered in the future through the tax legislation fixed.

now some Small and micro businesses in the development of the whole society is particularly important, especially it can solve some problems of social employment exist, by fostering the development of some Small and micro businesses can also make some people more willing to venture.


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Preferential policies for college students entrepreneurship

to support college students entrepreneurship, central and local governments have introduced a number of preferential policies, involving financing, opening up, taxation, entrepreneurship, training, entrepreneurial guidance, and many other aspects.

– Shanghai:

offers a number of College Students Entrepreneurship

1. graduates entrepreneurship four preferential policies

2. 100 million students each year to help entrepreneurs

Technology Entrepreneurship

2005 in March, the city government launched the college students venture capital fund. Every year 50 million yuan, invested $150 million for the past three years to support entrepreneurship as soon as possible". As of the end of 2005, a total of 172 projects to obtain venture capital fund, the total amount of aid amounted to $24 million 754 thousand, the company incorporated more than and 110.

3. college students Angel Fund maximum 300 thousand

– Beijing: unemployed college students can apply for small loans to

Suitable for small business

China North Canton city life pressure, fast pace of life, a lot of people hate the same way of life, want to go home, choose a small town, opened a small store in this life. So what is the business of small cities? What are the high profits of the project, and then we’ll bring you the business for small cities?.

What are

suitable for small city business? Preferred Thallon ice cream, the main flavor of ice cream, ice cream, watermelon, melon Chocolate Ice Cream Strawberry Ice Cream, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, peach mango and taro ice cream, Thallon Italy ice cream price is a two yuan, is a typical high quality and inexpensive; at the same time there are creative and ice cream series, mainly soft berry, dancing girl feelings, happy couple, exquisite, national beauty and heavenly fragrance faint fragrance diffuse heart and black angel.

and Thallon according to Amy & Slimming Cream beauty tea series, mainly rose tea, lavender tea, tea, tea and violet carnation colorful chrysanthemum tea, the price is generally five yuan in three yuan, still ask what business is suitable for small city do? Thallon ice cream variety. The price is not expensive, can fully satisfy the small consumer demand, so you can easily make money shop.

Lun Lun ice cream to subvert the traditional, creative cool food, baked, fried, rinse, burn, fried, steamed everything can do. We can provide more than ten kinds of new products such as roasted ice cream, deep fried ice cream, hot pot ice cream, ice cream, red wine and fruit ice cream. See here know what business is suitable for the small city do it! There is nothing new, Thallon ice cream features, and the price is not expensive, let consumers town everyone loved, everyone can afford, of course, to make you stop


small city for open shop is what? Joe club really makes you the benefit of small bag ribs. Joe master ribs need only a few big square meters of shops can be, but also does not need much labor, less investment but high profit, twenty-four hours all day long product supply, but still steamed soup, soup, fried rice, Steamed Jiaozi series of products, from the maximum to meet consumer tastes.

Qiao club’s steamed stuffed bun special soup thick soup nutrition, secret recipe recipe, the top filling taste fragrant, people eat also want to eat.

traditional bun production process is simple, but does not give consumers a new taste is relatively single, and Joe big club in the choice of materials and production equipment spare ribs are under the foot work, make dumplings thin filling full, rich soup, that eating after lead a person to endless aftertastes. What is a small city suitable for the opening of the store? That is also the owner of Joe Joe ribs package.

How to control the operating cost of jewelry store

  now many investors want to through this project a good choice to build up the family fortunes, the shop is. But open the shop must pay attention to cost control, but also can reduce the jewelry store to save a lot of spending, but the shop still have to try to reduce the waste and loss of it, especially the consumable is more so, effective control of the resource utilization, long water, light will be eliminated.

the cost data is estimated, for reference only, the specific situation and the local price and jewelry store scale, management localization and so on. />

background wall, if the background wall, a square meter can be in accordance with the price of a meter counter 80% conversion. If you want luxury decoration, is about the counter price.

Pesticide ten brands list

China is a veritable agricultural country, nature also has a very large demand for pesticides. Because of this, China will have a lot of pesticide brands. Next, let Xiaobian for you to disclose the top ten brands of pesticides, so as to provide more consumers with a better reference, can choose a really suitable pesticide brand.

pesticide ten brands list NO.1, Dacheng:

big brand belonging to the Shandong Dacheng pesticide Limited by Share Ltd, the company registered capital of 1, 8 billion 600 million yuan, more than 3600 employees, with an annual output of 20 thousand tons of pesticides, 100 thousand tons of caustic soda capacity national pesticide chemical enterprises, the main products of trichlorfon, dichlorvos, Omethoate, three dicofol, phosethyl Al, fenpropathrin pyrethroids, bladex, chemical products, diaphragm liquid alkali ionic membrane caustic soda, synthetic hydrochloric acid, two chlorobenzene, two para ortho chlorobenzene marketing across the country and more than a dozen countries and regions.

pesticide ten brands list NO.2, Jiangshan:

brand belongs to Nantong Jiangshan Jiangshan chemical company Limited by Share Ltd, is a national key pesticide production enterprises, has won the first national contract and trustworthy enterprise, national quality management advanced enterprise, national labor medal, the National Chemical Factory, comprehensive utilization of clean and civilized national advanced enterprise title.

company "Jiangshan" trademark is the first well-known trademark in China’s pesticide industry, the Ministry of commerce is the most competitive brand, focusing on cultivating and developing the export brand. This card is Chinese glyphosate pesticide industry first Chinese famous brand products, brand Jiangshan pesticide has been named the national high-quality silver products, state-level new products, national key new product, quality products, brand-name products, was listed as key protection products directory.

pesticide ten brands list NO.3, Dong Nong:

East agricultural brand is part of Chongqing Oriental pesticide Co., Ltd., passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. Chinese pesticide 100 strong enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Chongqing City, Chongqing City, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Citrus municipal leading enterprises, pesticide test base, CNPL rural marketing cooperation unit. The company has repeatedly been rated as "AA+ credit enterprise" and other honorary titles.

Plant source pesticide of natural environmental protection company

exclusive domestic production, by the national Ministry of science and technology as a "spark science and technology products", by the Chongqing Municipal People’s government "prize for progress in science and technology, Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission identified as" high-tech products "and" key new product "by Chongqing Quality Technology Supervision Bureau as" Chongqing famous product "and the Chongqing Municipal People’s government as" brand-name products in Chongqing city".

Lanzhou University selected by the layers of entrepreneurial success

compared to overseas students, only a short while ago, said Chinese students lack the spirit of innovation, can only echo what the books say. But in the current management activities, college students began to prove their strength of innovation and entrepreneurship.

1 31, the reporter learned from the Lanzhou University, the school students to participate in the red maple entrepreneurial team in Shanghai, Chuansha new town cup, the first national talent contest finals. After fierce competition, the team’s "super high pressure direct conversion of enzymatic extraction technology of collagen peptide and the product" project won the judges and the professional investment institutions of praise, won the competition two prize and the prize of twenty thousand yuan.

the contest there were from all over the country more than 60 universities competed in more than 20 thousand students, which lasted nearly six months, finally through participating institutions selection layers and the region three in the regional finals again selected 10 outstanding entrepreneurial projects from more than and 200 participating project talent shows itself in the finals. Among them, Professor of chemistry and chemical engineering Lanzhou University Xiao Jianxi guidance "ultra high enzymatic extraction technology of direct conversion of collagen peptide and the product" entrepreneurial projects in the selection, through continuous improvement projects and business plan, and ultimately to the regional tournament for the first grade, the finals.

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How to really open the bookstore to make money

with more and more attention to the education of the public, the market demand for educational products continue to open up the bookstore will be a good choice. Now open the bookstore, you do not have to worry about investment costs, small investment, but also make a profit. In the end how to really open the bookstore to make money? This also has to learn business skills, following with the small series to see.

bookstore where join bookstore reading atmosphere and surrounding radiation readers how to, an aspiring Bookstore who is the ideal location of the bookstore is very high, to join the bookstore business occupies a good place is half of success. In addition, the unique positioning of the content is often able to attract good business.

first to design eye-catching, at a glance. Join the bookstore bookstore store if the area is larger, can be in the bookstore at the entrance to configure the corresponding layout, this is very important, it belongs to the shopping guide system, allowing readers to see the book distribution area immediately. Secondly, join the bookstore business model is simple, reflecting the characteristics. Bookstore in the stacked type (Book pier) should pay attention to the simple, placed in the form of: round, spiral, square, etc.. At the same time in the book should be displayed and the contents of the book itself.

finally, the location of the partition, often change often new. Join the bookstore to bookstore located in the display partition layout, local can make the appropriate adjustments. Bookstore goods accounted for about 2/3 of the total current assets, which is more than 65%, so if the inventory is too large, will lead to cash flow and payment issues.

venture bookstore, investors need to focus on all aspects of the problem. Want to build a profitable bookstore, also had to find a suitable location for the store, in addition, the operator must also create a special store, in order to attract public attention, to store popular hot.

2013 some of the potential entrepreneurial projects

choose a suitable entrepreneurial projects in order to compete in today’s fierce, to find their own wealth of light. So, below, Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few potential entrepreneurial projects.

advantages: fashion, colorful, easy to attract the attention of consumers, not only practical, can also be worn as ornaments. With a key 5 minutes, training for three hours that can master.

recommended items; crystal flower production sales of

advantages: water washing equipment per hour water 1.5-2, only with electricity, a water treatment cost of about 0.4 yuan, can wash 20 about cars, each car costs only 0.08 yuan. Remove all kinds of cost, the monthly net profit of 8000 yuan or so, the cost can be recovered in 6 months.

Do business must consider whether all the business will lose money

now many shopkeepers once saw a business opportunity can make money business as everyone knows, rash and too much in haste, such bold decisions could make their own money. In the summer, to a sell "foot bath salt" guests, leave me, price list and two bag samples, introduced a "foot bath salt" feet of the benefits, said to be called logistics. After a long period of time, to a soldier who claimed to be a division of the army, to see these two bags of foot bath salt samples to buy 35 yuan.

said: "in the back, if the effect is good, they will let him out a lot, is the leading procurement", about a half a month’s time, the military again, also brought troops to a letter of introduction, 40 boxes, said soldiers’ feet are rotten with their feet, foot bath salt effect is very good. But for so much, light capital on 20 thousand, but also to go back to Ji’nan, he did not do this kind of thing, both excited to make a lot of money, but also worried about being fooled. Finally stranded. Until now, I do not want to understand, then give up not to make the decision, is right or wrong? Ask the teacher to help me solve my doubts!

main symptoms worry about business opportunities to lose money no longer

prescription main flavor three questions from the hearts of doubts ran away

There are

human greed


can cheat subtotal

shopkeeper of money to earn

fell into a trap and regretted the late

see above the teacher in the heart of doubt, the root cause of trouble is a business door, missed so long also remember, not a big business, was abandoned, is right or wrong?

that’s a good question. How to answer that is to turn the question back. If the problem is not to lose money in a business opportunity. So, the problem is not a problem. We will certainly answer, give up the opportunity to lose money is certainly right.

that’s right, we businessmen to make money is not easy, from dawn to dusk, fought, both by the difficult customers of the gas, but also earn a money. There are many products, from small to large. It was pretty hard. But it has to bite into the fat man, met the business door, whether true or false, no right or wrong, do not prevent people fall into the trap, imperceptibly set a good set of years of accumulated into water, has gone for ever. Finally knowing hatred, of blame, was hard, the business can not continue to find another way to put up the shutters.

business process, how to avoid being cheated, to prevent the loss of money, it requires the owner in

What are some of the important points to pay attention to

online business has become more and more people choose, however, if you want to make a better career in such an industry, naturally need to pay attention to more attention. So, the online business to pay attention to what?

online business has gradually become the mainstream of entrepreneurial wave, many small entrepreneurs with small investment, the risk control of online business projects as the business started, the online shop is increased with the popularity of the network and payment security coefficient and has gained a lot of entrepreneurs recognized, showing the characteristics of diversified economy Chinese.

but easy to start online business, but the business is not less difficult than traditional business, therefore, in the online shop must pay attention to the following points:

a, climate

do not think that the online shop at home can do nothing to worry about, do not forget, online shop need to rely on logistics. Remember the heavy snow in 2008? Logistics outage, which makes the experience of online entrepreneurs backlog of goods. So do not feel the reality of things and the Internet are closely related to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs should always pay attention to timely adjustment.

two, exchange rate

has some online entrepreneurs will do business in foreign trade, so we should pay attention to the change of exchange rate, the RMB against the dollar, now reduced to 1:6, the exchange rate change on this scale makes a lot of entrepreneurs is very distressed. Scattered purchase profit is not high, a large number of buy it, but the impact of the exchange rate is too large. So online entrepreneurs should pay attention to changes in the exchange rate, according to the exchange rate to adjust the price, the development of the corresponding marketing plan.

three, domain name

the ideal of many entrepreneurs, the existing online shop is not their ultimate goal, they want to have their own store. So it is necessary to have a good domain name, those characteristics of the domain name has basically been registered, in fact, as long as the domain name and their own shop in line with the goods, the domain name should not be too long, is conducive to memory.

four, fast response

rapid response is in fact refers to the sensitivity of business information, the spread of information on the Internet is very fast, therefore, online business needs a word – fast. Some online shop entrepreneurs received customer information after a long time to reply, so that customers can not wait to go, entrepreneurs should reply in thirty seconds, so as to retain customers. But also in response to the needs of customers in a timely manner, and the corresponding action, so that there will be more customer sources, there are more profits.

a good

Yipinxian cattle restaurant franchise

What is the main form of the future development of

catering industry? Obviously, the requirements of the development of the times, innovative food and beverage technology and scientific management is the necessary conditions for the development of the catering industry, how to achieve? The form of food and beverage franchise has become an inevitable trend. This business model will gradually replace the traditional food and beverage industry business model, and fast to industrialization, collectivization, modernization.

is now the domestic market catering brand very much, but the most popular consumer, is also the steak, but the traditional Western-style food steak, though delicious, but the price is too high, many consumers balk. Since the fresh bovine restaurant market, quickly attracted delicacy enthusiasts, fresh beef steak at high prices to break the status quo, launched a steak delicacy for ordinary consumers, spend little money, can enjoy high quality of delicacy.

fresh cow restaurant to steak, grilled, fried products cover a variety of barbecue, dessert and drinks, snack, material diversity, easy production, taste rich, flexible dining. One of the cattle ingredients are green food, nutrition and health, the low fat high protein of beef, fusion of specialty ingredients to produce all kinds of fashion, delicacy, and collocation of all kinds of snacks, taste strong consumer challenges too wonderful for words, taste and visual experience. Fresh beef row mellow taste, smell the smell of a sense of hierarchy, so that diners in a fragrance is competitive catering brand.

and fresh cattle in the restaurant service, store decoration, food quality and taste were performed no better than other Western-style food brands, which makes a lot of loyal fans Western-style food interested in fresh cow restaurant. Fresh cow restaurant always adhere to the quality, well done steak delicacy, creating Western-style food, let Chinese taste authentic western steak flavor. Yipinxian cattle will be the traditional western culture and China elements of the perfect fusion, to meet the needs of Chinese and Western fast-food culture elements from pure, unique and comfortable dining atmosphere, so that consumers can experience the hitherto unknown western style, favored by the vast number of consumers.

today, the complex operation has become a trend, the store provides products, services, the more consumers can attract more. Western restaurant can provide fresh cattle steak, pizza, pasta, soup, salad, Cantonese style burger, drinks and other hundreds of food products for consumers and stores every month to launch new products, one-stop shop to meet the various needs of consumers, but also constantly more new products to attract the attention of consumers.

If you join the

yipinxian cattle restaurant interested, please message on our website below, get more details to join.

Online entrepreneurship to broaden the employment of college students new ways in the new century, n

business is a new model in twenty-first Century, at the same time, in recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and the popularity in China, now people through online business has become a social trend.

online business is not only an important form to realize the self employment of college students, a good platform for college students and entrepreneurship training, has important significance for the college students who just stepped into the society. However, there are different rules and characteristics of the development of different modes, and there are similarities and differences between them. College students need to focus on the similarities and differences in the online business, combined with their own advantages, to choose the best mode of network entrepreneurship. At the same time, online venture is also facing a certain risk, although these risks will not bring losses to entrepreneurs, but increased the difficulty of success.

online business with a low threshold, low risk, easy to use and so on, is very suitable for college students, in the current severe employment situation, society, government and universities at all levels should actively encourage and support the online business, open up a new way for the employment of University graduates.

in fact in the new century, through online business is a very rich recommendation

Store location method to help you shop success

store business is good or bad depends on the location of the store, we can see the importance of store location, want to open a store friend, you can refer to the following store location skills.

Home Furnishing jewelry stores how to improve the income – net

economy continues to improve, so that people pay more and more attention to the choice of home accessories in the home, a good home accessories to allow people to enjoy, which to a certain extent, led the development of home accessories industry. Today’s home accessories to join the market is moving towards universal, which also gives home jewelry stores put forward higher requirements. Want to invest in home accessories for you, how to more reasonable business?

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How to operate a better educational institutions

education brand, if you want to open an educational institutions, how to operate in order to get a good income? This is worthy of our attention to the project, Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

training industry customer management and services will highlight the importance of

due to shortage of educational resources and learning needs of students of all strong, continuing education and training institutions are often not students, how to develop customer resources, but also not to consider, for further development, customer resource reuse is often in a state of disorder, key account management is also a weak link. How to operate a better education institutions? However, with the intensification of competition in the training market, training customer management and service is becoming more and more important. Sometimes, you do not have to spend a lot of money to advertise to find customers, do a good job of meticulous service can keep old customers. If the important customer firmly in the hands, and then to develop new customers, training business will do better. Therefore, to continue developing the training business, management and service of various training institutions for training business customers more often for large customers and students continued to provide services and value-added services, to play their advertising effect in vivo.

quality first, price second

education institutions how to operate better? With the development of China’s education and training market, many educational institutions choose training partners have gradually formed a "loyalty", is willing to choose the high quality training institutions. Although in the selection process, the price still has an important influence, but the quality of the training evaluation is more and more enterprises are familiar with, enterprises begin to pay attention to the quality and effect of training feedback, price of inferior quality training course will be eliminated. The high level of training can be said to be the strategic partner of the enterprise, trainers provide valuable training for the enterprise, the enterprise will in turn require deeper training help, slowly both sides gradually establish mutual trust relationship, the price naturally weakened. On the contrary, the training can not create value can only be made into a business.

education and training institutions joined forces

education institutions how to operate better? Although the education and training institutions will be more and more fine division of expertise, but the industry generally believe that the powerful combination, build training platform, will be a trend in the future development of education and training market. Several large training institutions have launched one or several strengths of courses on the same platform, enterprise users simply log in this platform can choose to all the courses, so that one can quickly expand the influence, save costs in the course takes a huge promotion, on the other hand also makes the user resource sharing.

above is about how to open an educational institutions how to operate a good introduction, I hope you will pay more attention to this, Select >