How to analyze the location department store opened

It is very important to the

store to choose a suitable location. Many times the operator does not know how to analyze lots. In fact, this problem is indeed a difficult, businesses need to learn, master more skills. Xiao Bian analysis of a few suggestions, I hope you have instructions.

the city road distribution, composition, status quo of network communication. The number and distribution of highways, airports and stations in the city. The distribution of urban public transit system and the traffic situation between cities. The composition of urban population, distribution, income, the number of urban population, the income of residents, the level of consumption.

and pedestrian street separately, bicycle traffic and public transport vehicles and the flow direction, quantity, time interval. Major trends, numbers and types of used vehicles. The width of the road, the main stream of people. The scale of the building, the layout of the goods, the variety of the business, the style and style of the external decoration. Competitive market positioning, the situation of the brand into the store, the introduction of the main brand and sales.

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Porridge porridge seven days of health to join the project support

eat this is a never fading topic, because people have to eat to live. Healthy body can not be separated from the regulation of diet. In the process of Chinese health concept increasingly permeate people in the health care food has become a hot demand for mass consumption, including health porridge has become more and more people’s choice on the market in the gruel house is more and more. The appropriate porridge is subject to frequent regimen of public recognition, can be a part of food, are suitable for everyone. Investment porridge house to create a healthy future wealth! Porridge is also a university, with its own unique culture. Health porridge is the main purpose of conditioning the body, to achieve the effect of health care. A porridge porridge porridge seven days of health, subject to the favor of consumers, a porridge porridge for seven days, how to join


porridge porridge seven days to join the project to support

one, join the following join service support

1, planning support: a porridge seven days, the whole chain planning, brand operation, product mix, marketing strategy, advertising ideas and put into operation by the well-known operating agencies to ensure that investors profit.

2, advertising support: "seven days old" brand advertising locked network television magazines in the focus, to enhance the "porridge seven days" brand in the whole society’s visibility and reputation, to ensure that each store brand intangible assets appreciation.

3, technical support: technician for each store students to use the theory and practice of combining the actual operation of the handle, a comprehensive grasp of a variety of technologies, until fully learned, and distribution of technical information.

4, unified image decoration: to provide the overall design of the store and related promotional items.

shop support – after you invest the company will provide the following services:

opening guidance: the company offers business promotion programs. Technical training: the company will provide free health porridge, pie, clear porridge, such as the production of more than 160 kinds of products.

publicity: the company will be free to provide some special paper cup packaging, standard tableware and promotional materials to make programs to ensure the hot opening.

after sales management services

In order to further improve the

related services, to further standardize the market, service market, the full realization of the company "customer first, service first" principle of service, fast and efficient service to customers, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, expand customer service service scale and scope. A porridge seven days (China) operations center has been set up

How to open a toy store

many parents will give their children to buy toys, toy shop business is also good, by the entrepreneur’s attention. But now the toy brand is more, as an operator, if you want to successfully set up shop, and get a huge return, we must pay attention to play its own characteristics, to win more consumer recognition.



The reality of the real estate market Cinderella

fairy tale Cinderella of ups and downs, reversing their own destiny, in real life, by virtue of their entrepreneurial strength, rewrote its own pattern of life Cinderella also exist, her story is also wonderful.

If the

the CEO Marcello camberos said Ipsy? To the user a $10 monthly fee, "GlamBag" beauty package to their beauty, contains five kinds of samples, the service subscribers has exceeded 1 million mark. Marcello was a senior executive at FunnyorDie, a funny site, who co founded the company in 2011.

and raising nearly $72 million, using the traditional television advertising and store sales of rival Birchbox, Ipsy said his order, mainly from the pan wide social coverage.

Birchbox declined to comment. But in April last year, they announced that the number of subscribers reached 800 thousand. However, unlike Ipsy, Birchbox is still in its online store selling full size beauty products, this part of the income that the company accounted for 30% of the total revenue of $125 million.

Henan Department has issued a red envelope to the enterprise you have no copies

enterprises in the era of the development of the next wave of their own, although remarkable achievements have been made in a series, but sometimes it will inevitably encounter many development problems, but if the local government actively cooperate in a certain degree above the enterprise road to go farther. Henan departments have to send red envelopes, do you have a copy of it? Take a quick look at the details below.

Henan business benefits come! Recently, Henan seven enterprises sector out together, to send welfare enterprises. In August 3rd, in Henan Province, the implementation of the policy to enterprises "mobilization meeting, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the office of science and technology, Department of finance, human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Banking Bureau, tax bureau, the provincial government finance office and other seven departments focus on combing informed enterprises, national and provincial key enterprises benefit policy. In these policies, which are closely related to you?

[provincial development and Reform Commission]

reduce the tax burden, logistics, customs clearance, inspection and other costs, since this year, introduced a series of related policies to support the development of enterprises, including the cost of special operations, to promote large consumers direct supply, financing docking financial services action, to promote private investment policy.

[provincial science and Technology Department]

at the beginning of this year, the state revised the "management measures" of high-tech enterprises, adjust the focus to support the scope of high-tech fields, to relax the conditions of high-tech enterprises, the technology enterprises is a major positive. In addition, the innovation and entrepreneurship incubator platform in Henan, science and technology SMEs have a corresponding subsidy subsidies.

[provincial finance department]

in the development of government procurement policy, with a special reserve of 20% share for small and micro enterprises. In Sheqi funds, there are a number of advanced manufacturing industry special funds, the first major technical equipment insurance subsidies, new energy vehicles subsidy policy.

in support of small and micro enterprises, loan risk compensation funds, compensation compensation funds, small loan grant funds. In support of the modern service industry, export-oriented enterprises, commercial circulation has a corresponding subsidy.

[provincial human resources and social security department]

5 1 from the beginning of the stage to reduce the rate of social insurance in Henan Province, the implementation of unemployment insurance subsidies to stabilize the post; to promote the coal and steel industry to resolve excess capacity, the introduction of a reasonable plan for the resettlement of workers.

[provincial government finance office]

promote the province’s listed companies to participate in the reform of joint-stock enterprises, support for small and micro enterprises listed in the Central Plains equity trading center

Henan service industry, the leading trend

in the process of economic development, with the constant adjustment of the industry, the maximum allocation of resources, the structure of the industry has also changed. Looking at the economic development of the 2016 Henan market, the service industry "leading" trend emerged, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

Zhengzhou Zheng Dong New District e-commerce building 57 small household electrical appliance enterprises, last year’s tax revenue exceeded $500 million in one fell swoop, more than the total amount of tax revenue in many counties in our province. A building to create more than a county tax, which is only a microcosm of the province’s construction of high growth service industry in the province.

6 11, released 2016 "service industry in Henan Province, the development of key areas of action plan", combined with the supply side structural reform, put forward the value added services this year more than 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of GDP reached more than 41%, more in taxes over a hundred million yuan office, become a driving force of the new engine of economic development of the province.

service industry leading situation show

this year, the province’s agriculture, industry, service industry rankings from the past 312 gradually to the 321 change, the service industry has become the fastest growing industry in the province’s three industry.

in the first quarter of this year, our province service industry grew 10.5%, accounting for the proportion of GDP by 35.1% over the same period last year increased to 41.5%, the contribution rate of economic growth is increased from 23.5% to 50.6%, become the main force driving economic growth.

accounted for less than 30% years ago to now become the locomotive of economic growth, how can the province’s service industry in the economy climbing over the ridge to achieve counter attack? Deputy director of the provincial development and Reform Commission, said Li Heng, deputy director of the office of service development, the province’s most prominent experience is that through the service industry enterprises, projects and elements to promote the development of the "two zones" rapid development.

speed up the service industry to promote synergies

2014 in May, our province issued "on the construction of high growth services province opinions", to make the overall deployment of the province’s service industry development, put forward the "two zone" to build a service industry development "new heights"; in September of the same year, our province has issued the "notice" on further promoting the development of service industry of the policy, and from the land, finance, taxation, administrative approval has given "two zones" in the development of service industry in a number of preferential policies.

in recent years, frequent highlights of the development of the service industry in our province. Zheng Dong New District, the central business district settled 68 world and domestic top 500 enterprises, the financial institutions, only the financial sector accounted for half of the output value of the business district 264. Neixiang less than 2 km of the characteristics of the commercial district, attracted more than 35 enterprises and recommended services

Investment in early childhood education institutions to plan the site

with the development of the times, early childhood education has become the focus of many people’s attention. As everyone knows, the location is very important for the preschool education institutions to join dealers; therefore, in the business to join preschool education must be careful to grasp the location mechanism, preschool franchise organizations siting skills, so as to give to preschool education institutions to develop good location strategy, let preschool affiliates have good growth environment".

to franchisees in selected locations related to the preschool education preschool education institutions to join in the future, whether related to children’s education dealers can get rich, therefore, is a must to preschool education institutions to join the site work above preschool franchise organizations refer to the location method.

Seven areas that are easy to be rich

there are seven areas that are particularly easy to get rich, you know?

however, Wine industry also has pressure. Competition is very fierce, start-up costs are high, but these obstacles are not insurmountable or inevitable. "In this industry, need to have entrepreneurial spirit, to create many high start-up costs do not necessarily need the opportunity," Michael · Green (Michael Green) said that he believes that this industry can accommodate all types of entrepreneurs.

Evaluation of

Green has reason to believe. When he was 6 years old, he began to get in touch with wine, and he took care of a wine shop with his father. As one of the founders of the best wine cellar, as well as a food magazine wine and wine consultant, Green accumulated a lifetime experience. Ten years ago, his Wine professional knowledge has complete and therefore the creation of the Liquid Assets Consulting Group, is now Wine and food industry renowned marketing and consulting group. The company’s sales are expected to exceed $1 million 400 thousand this year.

help candidates:

"next year will have more than 3 million students graduated from high school," Catherine · Cohen (Katherine Cohen) said, she is the founder of IvyWise, which is to provide a comprehensive recruitment consulting services, set up 10 years of education.

Invest in a few steps to go

women in the market has a lot of demand, in order to be able to make money quickly, many entrepreneurs want to try to open a women’s clothing store. However, before the shop, many people are very confused, we do not know how to do to get people’s recognition for their own good business. So, how to open the store? What steps do you take? For this problem, Xiao Bian made a summary, then, a specific understanding of the next bar!

first, let the customer know your

open shop franchise no one knows, the presence of the store are not known to everyone, then how to sales performance. Therefore, to promote your women’s stores, to strengthen efforts to publicize, is the so-called gold monument, silver monument, as the people’s reputation". This is a very important step, because a good beginning is half the battle.

two, allow customers to stay in front of your women’s store for 3 seconds

this step is subtle, but it is the hope of sales. For customers, the first impression is very important, so the store is very important. Customers want to stay in front of the shop, the need to design efforts on the decoration, the window layout was more special, more innovative, in order to successfully attract customers, so that customers will not be interested in staying independent.

three, the customer into the store

customers in front of your women’s store to stay, it is necessary to seize the opportunity to find ways to bring customers into the store, this is the time to play the role of salesperson. Sales staff should always keep a smile, and smile to have affinity, so that customers feel that you are very kind, greeting customers to be polite week.

four, so that customers are interested in women’s products

in the customer into the store, you need to pay attention to the customer’s every move, observe the customer’s Micro expression changes. When the customer hand contact with a piece of clothing, indicating that interested in this dress, it is necessary to briefly introduce the women’s products. After the introduction, you can ask the customer to try on, highlight the selling point of the product, when the customer tried to find clothes for their own, it is necessary to go along with some praise and praise. When customers are more interested in the product, they will consider buying.

five, prompting business to complete

this step for women’s franchise business is very important, this step is not done well, the front do naught, so we must grasp this step. To do this step, it is necessary to be very familiar with their women’s products and price discounts, to let customers know the advantages of women’s clothing store. So that customers will have a sense of trust in your shop, in order to sell a good price, recommend

What kind of knowledge should be set up

entrepreneurship shop is not a word thing, but need to have a certain strength and skills. If you are impulsive, just open the door, then it will be difficult to succeed. If you want to succeed, you need to have knowledge of what? Let’s have a look.

open goal setting

everything needs to have goals, have a goal to have power. At the same time you choose to set up a shop, you need to make a detailed financial or business objectives, and then for the purpose of a phased struggle. In the shop at the beginning, most of the people to open goal is very vague, in fact, setting a goal is really important, of course, in the formulation of objectives must be based on their own, do not set too high, do not set too low, making according to the corresponding plan to implement, the key step is very much.

Institute of financial investment

when store profits, some operators are very proud of, in order to save money to earn a little money stingy, want to keep up this method is always save money not to earn money, only according to the flexible use of the shop, we can make better use of Finance and investment way to make money as you can imagine, value, increase the amount of purchase, hiring or improving the performance of staff wages, these methods must be able to create more wealth, to make their own money to the rise of space is the most important.

on debtThe word

entrepreneurship shop to the knowledge that these. There may be many points of this article did not mention, entrepreneurs can pay more attention to the relevant information, I hope to help the franchisee investment management work, if you are interested in this topic just to learn about it.

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2000 degrees of myopia man called the wrong people fell into a homely food

people with good eyesight do not understand the pain of wearing glasses, and a man of 2000 degrees myopia, Xiao Bian can only say that he does not understand how the world is fuzzy. The man is often called the wrong person to fall, and now he has been treated!

3 15 July, Huaxi City Reader reporter saw 33 year old Yao Ba Zhen Liu Daming in Hejiang county hospital ward (a pseudonym), currently has the right eye surgery. From the outside, it is completely out of sight before the eyes are close to 4000 degrees of myopia, when looking at people is also very normal, the eyes do not seem to wear glasses for a long time and deformation.

glasses called the wrong person not blunder is common

due to eye myopia continues to rise, Liu Daming glasses is not always enough, "in general, I wear glasses from the eyes of the actual degree of monocular bad four or five Baidu, that is to say, I put on my glasses or eight or nine Baidu myopia." He is very helpless, because a lot of times to glasses, also difficult to find suitable lenses.

"in addition to sleep, have to wear glasses, or feeling and blind." Encountered on the road to familiar people, and sometimes will admit that he was very embarrassed. Even if the glasses eyesight is not good, he stumbled on it, it is a year for homely food, sometimes several pairs of glasses. Even affect his love, has not been married before, but now has a girlfriend.

The doctor warned

The girl fell into the fire stove for 200 thousand severe facial burns surgery

last month, Yingshan County, a 3 year old girl in the fire when a plunge into the stove, resulting in large area of facial burns, respiratory tract and therefore damaged. According to the hospital said the surgery may be more than 200 thousand yuan, the family can not afford secretly cry.

Fell from the chair

for fun, sitting on the side of the stove alone to climb on the rocking chair qianqian. Who knows, due to excessive force and slip of the hand, climb on a rocking chair, Qianqian swooping Zaijin coal stove fire burning, "at that time, the whole face are planted in Qian qian." Speaking of Qian Qian’s injury, the more than and 40 year old middle-aged man straight tears in her eyes. Second days after the incident, perennial in Chengdu, a site to do the external wall decoration Huang Guomin rushed to the hospital.


chatted about the family situation, Huang Guomin said, they have four children, the eldest (female) 23 years old this year, never graduated from junior high school to go out to work, only the annual spring festival may come back. Second (male) 17 years old this year, but due to illness caused by a little mental illness, often a person inexplicably ran out, until the middle of the night will come back." In addition to a 7 year old son and 3 year old Qian qian.

How to open a cold drink shop in summer

today’s domestic food market, cold drinks can be said to be a very special existence, at the same time there are a lot of people are fond of the cold drink products, some cold stores in daily life is also very popular.

summer special hot and cold drinks became the focus of the market, many franchisees is spotted this before joining the cold store, then facing the first question, how cold store location? The wrong location will lead to business failure, so the location is very important, Xiaobian found some good data, we look at it together.

1, according to external factors: the store’s entrance is best close to the road, when the peak flow of 100 people / hour, traffic is the best for the 200 / hour. Store the best choice from the beauty shop, clothing stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets are not more than 500 meters, because the main crowd is the main consumer of ice cream, ice cream shop in the vicinity to attract the target customers.

2, in front of the store to store division: the best direction is toward the South and East, one day, the south of bright light, and light for the longest time, easy to attract customer attention; two is the majority of consumers when shopping habits towards the right (east side view).

3, according to the division of location: Commercial Street, shopping malls for the opening price between 25 yuan -50 yuan, the ice cream shop; the supermarket near the school, train station, subway station, suitable for the opening price between 3 yuan -25 yuan ice cream Shop gas station; bar, office building, Airport for a price of 50 yuan and the ice cream shop.

Read more about the

In fact, for many


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I do not know the 6 hot pot shop location skills

open a hot pot restaurant is not as simple as people think, just a hot pot shop site is a learning. Is it a lively place or a cheap place? Residential or commercial areas? This requires entrepreneurs to analyze their own selection.

1. transportation facilities. In the vicinity of the main station, or on the street where the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes. Choose which side is more conducive to the operation, the need to observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road to pedestrians on the other side as well.

2. close to the place where people gather. Such as nearby theaters and cinemas, parks and other places of entertainment, or near large factories, organs, on the one hand, can attract the entry of pedestrians, on the other hand is easy to make customers remember this shop location, to the customer to people, will be easier to guide people to patronize.

3. snacks choose to join the population to increase rapidly. The development of enterprises, residential areas and municipalities will bring more customers to the store and make it more potential for development.

4. to select the side of a smaller side or obstacles. In many cases, the pedestrians in order to cross the road, so concentrate on to avoid the vehicle or other pedestrians, while ignoring the side of the shop.

5. snacks to join the selection of spontaneous formation of a lot of market segments. In the long run, a street market will spontaneously form a sale of certain commodities "market", in fact, for those goods shops, if it can be concentrated in a certain area or block, more can attract customers. Because people think of buying a commodity will naturally think of this place.

6. according to the operating content to select the address.


select a correct Hot pot store address, can let the shop constantly gather popularity and profits. The above 6 points is a good choice. The premise, entrepreneurs can pay attention, once the choice is not easily changed, but will let random move store shop weakened.

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Small investors tens of thousands of benefits can be opened shop

to say tens of thousands of dollars in the hands of the investment business, what good? Or be a peddler? No, as long as you join the temple one thousand Mian noodle shop, a small investment income, tens of thousands of dollars to shop.

one thousand house Mian noodle shop to join the project is to build for small and medium investors investment projects, the investment is small, relatively low risk, high return industry prospects. Each project technical training fee is reasonable, the core formula is taught, construction, operation according to the different situations of staff advice. Less than thousands of entrepreneurs. 24 hours from digital climbing, continuing to seize the streets of Mong Kok


technology products, solid enough standard fast replication, reduce a lot of trouble to shop, the store can be as small as simple location: small to 5-15 flat, 200-400 flat to the store to buy the size of all, can be 24 hours of business, diversified business model, a facade could do popularity helicopter.

1. surface standard products produced simple: quantitative operation, without a chef, a short time to get familiar with the use of


2.: a simple business comprehensive help opening Temple thousand years of precipitation surface, forming a mature management system, this is the achievement of business partners.


3. agent market monopoly allows you to double profits, brand exclusive, various forms of cooperation, there is always a right for you.

one thousand house Mian noodle chefs condensed years of experience, to create a minimalist noodle making process, truly simple is not simple, chewy noodles smooth, does not contain any harmful additives, soup for any non brewed condiment bone can do. Join the pasta which one thousand Mian delicious noodle house? Good choice! One thousand Mian noodle house to join, a few million investment. One thousand house Mian noodle shop franchise headquarters will provide free policy support for cooperation, including technical training, shop location, decoration, business planning, brand advertising and so on, from the shop to business, for your comprehensive guide, let you shop without worry, shop is money.