When the original article is weak, the chain effect is not obvious when the timely adjustment of str

Shanghai dragon and the search engine is a pair of quarrelsome lovers, Shanghai dragon new people in the first class, will be told: "Shanghai dragon is with search engine love!" in the editor’s opinion, Shanghai dragon in the search engine front, has been in a relatively weak position, no matter how when you are unable to please the search engine, will walk into a dead end, do not think Shanghai dragon. Especially recently, experienced a storm, 8.22 love Shanghai 6.28 update K station and storm in a week, a large number of websites have been punished right down, an uproar in Shanghai Longfeng community.

2. pseudo original. Never use pseudo original software, is based on a hot Internet theme, according to their own ideas, write a pseudo original article, in fact, it can be said that the original pseudo original. Although the same theme, but the wording is different. This article can be regarded as a quality article.

1. original

. According to the website of the industry, looking for large amounts of data, the depth of the original, create value to the users of the article, increase website viscosity.

love Shanghai wed2 statement explicitly put forward the collection site of the original article combat and love, in order to enhance the user experience as the starting point of thinking completely manifested. Along the way, changed the idea of a lot of Shanghai Longfeng, began to take the original article route, but also suffered the merciless punishment. Then, they asked: "why my site is the original article, also will be punished, and some large portal sites are collected are not punished?" for this, Xiao Bian believes that the original article also needs to have the quality of, for example, a tourist site. If all the articles are original, uniform is: "from XX to a travel route, what, how much money." This is the original article? What’s the attraction? What can bring to users? Love Shanghai in an official statement also clearly answer questions about the Shanghai dragon world, love Shanghai does not oppose the acquisition article, as long as it can bring good content to the user, is a good website. This time, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng confused, how is it? It seems that the love of Shanghai.

, the original article is weak.

3. proper collection. For some articles, you can make the appropriate acquisition, it can enrich the content of the website, giving users a good sense.

solution: This is not a contradiction, because love Shanghai the user experience is more important and its interpretation is perfectly logical and reasonable. Xiaobian that settled in the station, the need to proceed from the following aspects:

after the storm, more workers Shanghai Longfeng ponder. Have to find a cause from your own, where do bad, violated the search engine of the red line, causing the site to be punished. Small make up through the analysis of the punishment website, in-depth discussion from two aspects in the article and the chain:

The new station through the sandbox period case analysis and reasonable suggestions

new construction will begin experiencing a period of sandbox period, this is especially reflected in the love of Shanghai is more obvious, the author made 3 experimental site on the same server, now to talk about the 3 station to the railway station, the construction of sandbox experience and some advice, hope to help some friends.

: the first case in November last year, built a class type station. The domain name is used 1 years old spelling domain, this should be in love for Shanghai is an advantage. Because of their lack of experience, early in the website construction, website design in many places are not good. The analysis is as follows: 1, the website title written a problem, I put all the keywords high index as the site of title, the word is as high as 48 Chinese characters, and one of the key words, class 2 words repeated 8 times. 2, the mate tag is written very well, almost like title. 3, website template frequent changes. 4, the quality is not high, because this site is in collaboration with others, so the heart is not enough. This article from the Internet is almost complete. 5, the construction of the chain is normal. Especially friends to help me do the Sina blog chain within a month soared more than 200. But even this website for more than 1 months has not been included in the Shanghai love. After about 1 months of time to start included website.

first, Title Description and mate is very important. I believe that this love of Shanghai know you this site plays a decisive role.

second: the author makes a good words site in February. The domain name is the domain name spelling, the registration time of 2 months. The domain name is in the A5 to buy, should be registered, do not do the station can make nothing of it. Site title and mate tag syntax basic and class station. Because you are my station, and going to this station as his master, do a good job. It is noted in the choice, the chain is also engaged in, adhere to good. About 2 weeks after the start of Shanghai included love.

I understand the new fast through the sandbox period mainly pay attention to the following aspects:

third: Construction May one-time investment 2 websites. One is security, one is summarized. After half a year of Shanghai Longfeng self-study, have a very good understanding of me on the website optimization. The 2 station in title writing a lot of attention, keyword selection also have a very good understanding of. Pay attention to the website article originality and readability, but also attach importance to. In the chain of 2 stations didn’t do. 2 sites are included within a week. Included, I want to try under the influence of title on the new sites included, modify the security website title, the results of the second day snapshot stop, and now more than 1 weeks, I still adhere to the update, but still not included. Stay in the day to modify the home page snapshot.


Emlog station program is the key functional advantages outweigh the defects A new force suddenly ris

two: Emlog offers a variety of custom features, although relatively few larger blog site program, this custom function may not be so strong, but for the common application can totally realize flexible custom, such as some advertising plug-ins, plug-in can be flexibly customized, very convenient.

Emlog blog site program has a good site advantages, but its shortcomings are also obvious, especially the defects of the station optimization, through the re set optimization webmaster can achieve better, if using the default mode for the station optimization, the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon will not be very obvious, but also the following also introduced three kinds of defects,

three: the current related Emlog blog template free or very much, not only in the official website can provide a variety of free templates, there are many third party development company developed a lot of rich Emlog template, which solves many webmaster own custom template troubles, enhance the webmaster efficiency.

is currently free procedures of the station has a lot of, especially the independent blog site is even more so, WP, zblog are the current mainstream personal independence blog preferred, but recently in the independent blog site Emlog software on the market, with many years of accumulation and the advantages of the software itself has received many, many webmaster favorite even, has begun to gradually erode the traditional WP has a market share of Zblog, so many people in the industry, in surprise at the same time, technological innovation also have to admire Emlog’s creative. Here we have to analyze several advantages about Emlog itself has the.

Emlog: since launch at the beginning of the small size makes countless Adsense eyes bright, the program is just a few hundred K only, 1M not to, now in the station program continue to move closer to the 10M above, even hundreds of K procedures of the station, and the blog site program seems to be misfits is. This makes a lot of love is simple, little and dainty, and pay attention to the details of the owners delight.

: the current Emlog blog site of the program page can not be pure static, the present Shanghai Longfeng optimization, will undoubtedly have a lot of adverse effects, support pseudo static pages can also be Emlog though, but this function is palliative, only can optimize the function of Shanghai Longfeng a little improvement in Emlog, but far from pure static pages so powerful, and now a lot of mainstream WP and Zblog site program has supported the pure static, for this, Emlog developers will soon launch the latest version of the solution to the defects.

Although the

two: head meta tag Emlog default settings is not reasonable, for the website on the new page will automatically take the site title, which for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, search engine spiders will think site >

Hao Mingxia love Shanghai know drainage free blog guest skills

The next step is to know love Shanghai

‘s name is very important, and some of the more popular keywords or don’t take my name, the name of the example, the name for Hao Mingxia blog blog. Because the name of people is relatively not much, basically you for this blog, send some original articles, it would be easy to row to the first page of the first position, the name is very important, must be in the home on the first position. (before PS blog name best first love Shanghai is a popular word, to choose a certain can love Shanghai first name, this will be the key to know the love behind Shanghai. Nobody used the name is the best, why should we all know method)

said it is my method,

two, let the customer search directional your blog

first to ask you to promote issues related products, such as take the summer is coming, what is the word we search, I am a girl, of course, will think of sunscreen, you can ask about sunscreen to write a word.

The specific steps of

is a word or a name search volume is relatively small, basically in these you send a blog to 2 articles, can be quickly included, a problem to note here is, the hair must not take leveling, it is easier to be included, until the blog was collected, in addition to Taobao the guest promotion link and soft.

, create a search source

then the next day can you answer, the most important is the answer to the third party, the tone of the questions answered, "


The method of

blog for good, the next step is how to let Shanghai know love fast included problems.

with free blog as a guest, Taobao products, long before they have some friends in use, also has a lot of friends earn money. The method is very simple, here I simply said the next steps. At first, Sina, NetEase, Shanghai love space, Hexun, etc. these relatively high weight of the blog for free to apply for a blog, this I believe we will, but here to give you say next to my own way, a lot of friends love do the long tail word with a free blog, this method is also useful to me. But less can be routed to the front of the word, also need to constantly update later, shared today will soon see the effect, here for everyone to share is a relatively easy and simple method, you can also quickly earn money.

articles, the method is very simple, I take the question and answer mode, you can also take the group Friends of mutual assistance, it’s still much love Shanghai knew.

In fact, as long as the

love Shanghai know, I believe we are not unfamiliar, I believe that many novice veteran has done to promote experience in Shanghai love to know, this technique is also useful method for the establishment of the friends will not help will be greater, and this method can also be used to promote a lot of products, specifically under the following.

How to send the chain will not be deleted skills

two, the first few posts do not send any chain belt.


yes, brother hair chain is so capricious! Well, to be honest to willful willful, after all you are in other people’s sites, the result is that even IP has been closed, this is perverse consequences, so capricious sooner or later have to repay, the reason is to speak a don’t learn from me because, is not easy to find a can with the URL forum, the results also blocked IP, it is a lesson I am, The loss outweighs the gain., so don’t latecomers become the first. Then how should we correct the chain

here to talk about my first encounter this kind of situation is how to solve it, as long as those of a second encounter before you delete the second before him, what I do is I send you if you delete delete, then delete my post again, I also send.


this approach with a very inappropriate but very popular saying called "smoke bomb", the main purpose is to the back post with a link to do the cover, so that they can go through smoothly. A little thief ah, hope that the forum administrators form hate me, because I have no hate. Feel shy, imperceptibly and wilful back.

said the hair of the chain, as long as do not estimate the Shanghai dragon who dares to say that they did not have, because the chain construction is a very important link to external web site optimization, the quality of the chain release directly affects the progress of our work in Shanghai dragon. As with all partners, I began to contact this industry is from the chain this piece start. There are many, the Internet can be used to send the chain platform such as forum, blog, Post Bar, favorites, B2B website catalog, quiz, library and so on, these are for us to send the chain.

you just registered a new account to send the chain is very easy to be deleted, it just came to you a couple of other people’s sites, didn’t say hello to stall in the people there, so, this perfectly logical and reasonable! New account registration do not hurry to send the chain, the first the first to do is to sign to go to a novice area, give people top posted comments about what’s a good impression, because the first impression is very important.

everyone wants the chain of their hard hair will always persist, but not in front of you, he was in the back cut, so the enthusiasm will fight their own work, also because the site outside the chain is not stable and affect the optimization of our work, so how to send the chain will not be deleted as we had a pressing matter of the moment. All the chain platform, the forum is undoubtedly accounted for the largest proportion, from the effect is most obvious, so today I will focus on share some tips on the forum released outside the chain, these are all I do when I first in this work summarizes the private.

, a chain account is best to have a period of time.

How to keep the site users to reduce out


when the user can read properly, what do they need? Why do you come to the website? Because users seeking to address the needs of what the user needs is full and the demands of professional information. Not only refers to many, including the types, quantity, a wide range of information. Professional means to obtain trust, authority, let the user feel here the most professional classification. So the content on the page information must be complete and valuable, can meet the various needs of users, no quality content on the website, what is false, even the best design good packaging that is an empty shell, if your site is full of garbage, you can stop here the optimization of the contents of the first back.


2. users need to

why is this the a commonplace talk of an old scholar in the first place, because this is really a big problem, a lot of all sorts of strange things pop really is to allow users to not stop, haven’t started reading was you playing go, or when you are looking for information to be continuous pop bother go. Not to say that the website don’t pop, just say you want to have a degree of all kinds of pop, and how to play, how to play, how many times must grasp, give the user a good reading environment, but also give yourself a chance.

1. reduced


website how to retain users to reduce jump out, improve the conversion has been a hot topic, a website can only truly attract and retain users is complete, since it is to keep the user, talking about how to keep users out of reduction before us first look at the user enters your website is how to read.


users do not read word for word and sentence for sentence all content, when users browse the web, open a new page, scan some text, and click on the first link interested him. In this process, there are a large number of users on the page area didn’t even read. Most users find his interest and can click on the content on the page, once found, click behavior will occur, but if the page does not meet the requirements, may soon shut down. The famous user F many people also know that the saccade region principle, the experimental results show that the user will first be in the upper horizontal browsing content area, then sight down after a distance in a small range of transverse view again. Finally, the user will do the longitudinal browse quickly in the content area on the left side, this has also formed a big F.

although the principle is not 100% accurate, single large to some extent reflects the browsing process, when it is clear that users in the "walk the saccade, and not all of the content on the page you are interested in, but not by you, the most important point of the user is very lazy, many things can not find not found.

well, look at how users browse the web, now return to the site how to retain users to reduce out of

Grassroots webmaster do local station of Shanghai Longfeng experience share


first, the domain domain name, use of time, with the correlation between core keywords, so I registered several domain names are the names included Larry domain plus prefix or suffix, such as Taizhou’s taizhou8贵族宝贝 and zjtaizhou贵族宝贝, PS, domain name registration must be calm, think twice before buying, to register the com, in addition to check the domain name history, and easy to remember, don’t like me are a bit too long, if money can buy a good domain name, Larry, area code, a good domain name let you twice. Safety procedures, otherwise the site can not access, data loss, flood of spam, the Shanghai dragon disadvantage, unfortunately I have been met, keywords ranking drop. The premise of access speed and other factors. To solve the problem for the record, I like the original station for the record, to spend a month before filing, the site is only accessible, weighted down badly.

second points, correlation, density, layout, a local station, first as far as possible the natural increase the names in the title, keywords, navigation, column, page tail and other places, for example, could have called the city group purchase group purchase channel, it can be changed to Taizhou could have called the group purchase, column today, it can be changed to focus on Taizhou, the end of the page contact, originally called contact us, it can be changed to Taizhou (station). Including message title time can add names.

I have a little experience where I do practice that Shanghai dragon share:

fourth points, content, relevance, practicality, quality, update frequency (cycle). The contents of the original is better, as far as possible high correlation and strong practicability, production method, content: 1, pseudo original, modify the title and text, collect relevant themes, collation, merger. 2, reprint of electronic documents, such as electronic newspapers, Internet is not how. 3, foreign language translation. 4, scan books and magazines, use OCR software to scan the image into Word text >

I am

third, outside the chain, the chain the quantity, quality, extensive and correlation. With more, is to do Links, like local station, first consider the local station, then is the same type of station. The chain can increase the text to the high quality of the site, there may be many reprint.

from the beginning of the 08 year do local station, then the station name is Taizhou information network, Shanghai dragon do good, love Shanghai search Taizhou ranked first, Taizhou second-hand real estate, Taizhou top three, PR5. Rely mainly on the day in and day out to You reap what you sow. But because the web application security, filing and other issues, then a bit downhearted, eventually gave up in the past year, re do a local station. It also missed the good opportunity, now do not stand in universities, more idle time, can concentrate on doing Shanghai dragon.

360 Wikipedia has open editing we quickly occupy your own field

currently has 360 China is the second largest search engine, and the momentum is growing, another point is 360 search user groups are white users. It is easy to believe that the white users of online content, so we in the Encyclopedia of advertising than love Shanghai should be more valuable. But here it should be noted that 360 entries will not be included in the love of Shanghai, you don’t expect a chain of sex in Shanghai, if you are a little mind to do this 360 encyclopedia words believe will make you disappointed. Do 360 encyclopedia is the best to do the promotion, advertising, rather than rely on it to do outside the chain, the chain there are many ways, and do the promotion is not much, now the 360 encyclopedia is a godsend.

I think this two days to put important keywords our industry occupied all the 360 encyclopedia, but here is a bit to explain, at present I tested a few words, 360 search and none of the 360 entries were included. Some of them just before those who edit their own high-quality entries included, but I think it is only a matter of time. We first do the content, the next thing is to come. Do this kind of thing is very simple, as long as the love of Shanghai, the key words in your industry Sogou search, can put all the Related words in your industry are searched out, and then copy and paste work, of course, we must in our website advertising, rather than simply leaving a link.

We know that the weight of

At present,

is due to the 360 encyclopedia just on the line, so everything is in a blank period, the special needs of content. So the 360 entries especially easy to pass, I tested a few key words yesterday, did not think through all. And it is very easy to leave your links, only one link some advertising, 360 Encyclopedia also let me pass, but the link is removed, other words are safe with the link. The 360 Encyclopedia for visible content is a kind of hunger, so the audit can be said is very relaxed, now is the best time to occupy the 360 encyclopedia, in the future with the entry increase, I believe will become more and more strict.

is very high, in the major search engines above can be ranked in the front position, the most familiar than the love of Shanghai encyclopedia, but the love of Shanghai is very strict audit. For example, some medical entries cannot edit, Wikipedia is crucial for search engine, search engine is a moat important, like Shanghai blocked 360 search crawl, this 360 get depressed, 360 fight to decide their own encyclopedia, 360 just do the test when they are inside the some important words, you know this thing to rely on everyone to work together, so recently the 360 Encyclopedia has been open for everyone to edit.

as long as your advertising other too naked on the line, but the author is not tested in the end is not artificial.

Analysis of the latest YAHOO closed Site Explorer



the summer of 2011, YAHOO staff will be busy with organic search site was transferred to the Microsoft platform, in the transition period, from Microsoft’s Bing website management tool provides Site Explorer services. Now the transfer has been completed, Microsoft webmaster tools is the only source of Bing and cover site data and analysis.


organic search results is provided by Microsoft, YAHOO will continue to provide an innovative network to Internet users search experience.

after running for six years, YAHOO announced the closure of its popular Site Explorer webmaster tools in November 21, 2011. Site Explorer this service allows the site administrator or optimize the staff view site in YAHOO search index information, the final results from YAHOO and Microsoft alliance.

Microsoft’s Bing team has added several new features in 2011, including detailed site traffic statistics and reports, as well as a promising function of inbound links. The new analysis is currently in development, including the use of YAHOO search will use details.

Although YAHOO’s

September 29, 2005, YAHOO launched Site Explorer, with its simple, and easy to use interface by the webmaster to love. This service gives tools of its own web site and the rival owners a convenient optimization. YAHOO Site Explorer gave a lot of network marketing personnel famous enlightenment. The famous optimization tool developers Shanghai Longfeng Moz Rand Fishkin received one of Genesis YAHOO inspired established Linkscape index, etc.. YAHOO paved the way for the third party to the optimization tools, many of which are more advanced and useful than Site Explorer. His founder Tim Mayer said: "I was always very excited, especially when people upgrade Site Explorer to get more features:" he continued to search engine focused on user is very important, but also to focus on the development of the webmaster tools. I also see the future for these tools still have a lot of opportunities to improve and progress. The rural education resources sharing network 贵族宝贝edu.cuncun8贵族宝贝 compiled reproduced please indicate the source.

Site Explorer

Analysis of details of the main points of website weight stability during the Spring Festival

second, prepared for the original site. Now the network is very to, in the holidays website update is very difficult, because the Spring Festival is coming and everyone is very busy, zouqingfangyou who also wrote the mind! But small there is a coup, we can in the new year before the holiday a few days to write some original article, send to our Q the mailbox, during the holidays can come in handy. Now the network is developed, both in the countryside and the city, as long as the network we can update their web sites, articles prepared in advance, can not prevent the working state of our festival, not writing, which led to the renewal of stagnation, decline caused by weight.

first, before the Spring Festival as much as possible to exchange some quality links for the web site. We know that the weight of the website optimization stability many times due to the stability of the chain, and the relevance of the site of Links is very important for the optimization, as a webmaster must in the holidays come before their site links, check them, to see if there is no death and cheating links, secondly, for the website in exchange for some good quality related Links is very important in the festival these days come before, we do it every day with some peer contact webmaster, the quality of their Links enrich.

fourth, do website safety precautions. The fourth can be said to be a very important point, safety is the life of the website, if all is ready, we site did not take into account security issues, may cause the loss is very great, mainly on the station to backup the entire site the day before the holiday, do security work of the site, such as file read and write permissions settings, contact the space business to Trojan virus prevention measures, for many open source site timely updates etc.. The Spring Festival is coming, we can’t only shop in the festive.


we all know, the holidays are the most difficult period for the website, especially more than seven days of holidays, the Spring Festival is to relax, we as a webmaster in the inventory of a year of harvest at the same time also consider our website maintenance plan for next year, during the Spring Festival holiday we should pay attention to the enterprise website details of the

third, prepared a number of high-quality original soft Wen promotion for submission. This truth and update the same, website content is very important, the chain can not be ignored, on occasion we will have a holiday, in addition to some of the original article, can be properly prepared about 3 articles of the original text, about 7 days of our holiday two days for a time node, publish the article prepared to the webmaster Shanghai dragon net, why, tui18 and other industry-leading Webmaster Platform, these platforms will generally have the staff, they will promptly review the manuscript, although we had a vacation, but the extension continues, the effect of propagation of the soft is in doubt, you only need to release, many owners of such platform will take the initiative to reprint, outside the construction of the chain problem we can smoothly done or easily solved.

Analysis of three causes and coping methods of the chain lost

The use of

forum signature is still a lot of stationmaster for the main channel of the construction of the chain, especially can use the anchor text of the chain, the effect is better. But we are doing the signature when many people make a mistake, just like today, we decided to use the word "SKF", but that is not suitable for tomorrow, just another keyword "bearing", we can find that once we replace the signature, then all forum signature we will also change. Lost.

two, ID blocked the chain resulting in loss of

should do when the chain in some large sites, we should try to keep a little, don’t put all the egg is put in a basket, try to use a different account of the construction of the chain, in order to reduce the impact of the account is deleted.

ID is a is a very depressing thing, because we generally do not just an account one or two the chain, if the chain account less was also will not affect too much, if your account is a high rank, a large number of the chain of the account, then it may be because one of your improper operation will lead to the loss of a large number of your site in the chain. As I love Shanghai ID made a lot of experience outside the chain, but one day because of an improper information release, the deleted by the administrator, the results of this account for all the love experience of Shanghai chain was deleted.


response: forum signature >

A Methods:

optimization software to reduce our workload is every optimization of human dream. But we can’t rely on staff as optimization optimization software. Some people want to optimize the convenient chain through the chain group software, may in the beginning you will see the weight and site keywords ranking has improved, because this method can really make our chain, improve the site’s weight, can improve the key word ranking, but the results obtained using this method and not for a long time, the chain of survival is often very short, and when the chain is deleted when your site rankings will be back.

, use the chain group software caused the chain lost

in the course of our optimization, the chain must play the role of each optimization personnel have the experience. However, when we are in the construction of the chain are often blocked, we will encounter, the chain is deleted. The account was closed and so on, in the face of this situation, as the optimization personnel is not depressed, but to find the causes of the chain lost, and look for the solution, then the author will analyze three common causes of the chain lost cause.

: we need to understand the way to deal with optimization and no shortcut, theory and practice have a certain differences. If you are overly dependent on these optimization software, then you optimize the road will become narrower and narrower.

three, forum signature resulted in replacement of the chain lost

After the Spring Festival love big update Shanghai data chain sag

love Shanghai, I can not help but remember during the Spring Festival, the quiet life, my website at the end of the day before the holidays were revised in large areas, and there are a lot of mistakes, because the server password is leading change, so I can only look anxious, the slightest effort not so, simply put it no matter, but the whole spring down with sea without any change, my site keywords ranking the error that actually all remain in love before Shanghai three. After the Spring Festival I have been afraid of Shanghai will have a big change, unexpectedly, it came.


February 22, 2011 morning, the first thing to go to work or as usual, the latest web data, to drink the water inside the mouth almost no smoke, want to know why, we look at this group of data will know

This action greatly

snapshot day old, and the reverse link also dropped from more than 2000 to 32, the last one is we the row in front of the website in general but the reverse link weight reached more than 30000 on the web.


this website snapshot has been normal, all is the next update, but today has inexplicably stopped, but the problem is the reverse link from 3360 suddenly yesterday turned 65, I checked the ranking did not change much. So, I quickly view the site of several main keywords ranking has been in front of me


this is ranked as the 6 site in the first place the weight, snapshot, reverse link is also reduced from more than 7000 to 118, the shrinking action can be really big, look at a row in front of me but the weight of 3 of the website


let us wait for a new round of reshuffle ranking. The article reprinted from www.36099贵族宝贝


Analysis of landing page optimization errors improve landing page optimization level

third, landing in the chain extension page itself is not set clear. In order to improve the landing page flow rate, the key is to make the landing page to attract users, so that users can stay in the website. So the key point is to raise the landing page and the relevance of search results for the word, then landing page content and a lot of further expansion of the content, and then provide the corresponding extended reading in the landing page, so it can be through one of the chain website allows users to jump on the site, so as to continuously to attract users, improve the conversion rate of flow.

second, the landing page overall interface looks out of order, a number of advertising. This is mainly reflected through advertising to make money optimization strategy in many webmaster, this time for these sites, does not require the traffic conversion rate, as long as there is a flow, and then engage in a lot of pop, to flow to click, so as to obtain the number of clicks, it can make a website before, but this now there is a great risk, because the intelligent algorithm has love Shanghai of this garbage site has shielding function, which is very fast this site would be K.

for web site operators, landing page optimization is very important, because we through optimizing the website ranking, the final purpose is to enhance the flow of the conversion rate, so as to win profit for the website. But now many webmaster in optimization, pay more attention to website ranking optimization, but for the website landing page optimization there is a certain misunderstanding, especially to the long tail keywords to attract users to click into the web page, and in order to get traffic into the landing page optimization, in which the core within the page, there exist a lot of problems, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

for the open question, naturally more serious, not only will let users think this website is a >

first, search the long tail word and landing page keywords are inconsistent. This is mainly reflected in the optimization strategy of many in the title of the party, is the long tail keywords the temptation to attract a large number of users to enter the landing page, but users have found the landing page and search the title of Shanghai love have obvious difference, which often leads to the user’s great anti sense, Scindapsus and now love Shanghai this algorithm there are strict requirements, if you still insist on this optimization, often love Shanghai punishment, or even K station.

fourth, landing page open speed itself exists some problems. Many webmaster is perfect for the optimization is the home page, but also attaches great importance to the home page open speed and there may be open, but the inside pages of the landing page open speed but there are a lot of problems, which is mainly embodied in the speed of opening and open the two aspects of the problem. Open more slowly, it will allow users to have more time to wait, this love by Shanghai search over users, often unbearable. So, to open out already.

Discussion why stationmaster net can stand in the leading industry

4, out of the virtual world. And development activities under the line

webmaster net is always user oriented concept to carry out operations, although the best art is not the webmaster nets do but give users the overall feeling is very clean, I believe you often go to the webmaster nets webmaster should have experience like me, on the layout of the article and some advertisements are very reasonable and very humane people feel clear and decent.

webmaster resources but to not have a very chaotic feeling, because these resources are all very detailed classification to distinguish let the webmaster can easily find not let the webmaster have floundered feeling, we can see the webmaster home network classified many columns, each column. Have the latest information of the original content submission every day and some webmaster webmaster circle.

stationmaster net there are many places worth learning and reference to our webmaster and there are many good places here is not one to illustrate, I believe that the webmaster friends all know why this is known to every family can do stationmaster net and he "in the webmaster circle

1, a variety of resources diversity

In fact, too busy to attend to all daily activitiesThe characteristics of


ten owners have nine all know Admin5 station network, now stationmaster net can be said to be the big boss position of the domestic Adsense exchange community and other similar sites are not comparable, so today to talk about why the network owners can in the industry leader.

I believe for a novice webmaster choose Admin5 webmaster to learn is a very good idea, it includes all the information to master the tutorial from the novice to start the tutorial, as long as the way you can find on the Internet and the latest information so webmaster net are absolutely can be found, and these the latest information and resources are released from the station network reproduced out, so webmaster network resources and diversity is very large.

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2, a high degree of user experience

often browse network owners forum webmaster should know there are a lot of offline activities of each forum, or in certain areas of stationmaster party, or is the webmaster organization under the line of technical exchanges and discussion and the recently held the 2011 Hunan Internet webmaster general assembly line, these activities are very meaningful to hold these activities not only increase the degree of user experience is the next line market to open channels called is shoot two hawks with one arrow.

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Adsense nets is that there are a lot of daily activities, now more fire activities, 1 yuan money activities, group purchase activities, seckill webmaster novice webmaster training, stationmaster net essay activities, these activities can let many webmaster play a lot of time, and the reward of the activity is also very rich now there are many webmaster in.


BBS signature chain is coming to the end of the optimization

dragon in the process of the construction of the chain would mean to the forum to sign "

love Lee of Shanghai clearly pointed out that in the chain on judgment: "join hyperlinks and the use of anchor in the forum of personal signature cheating, speak several times in the Forum (whether or not meaningful), each statement has with hyperlink content." As cheating, and have a negative impact on the website optimization. For the webmaster forum, QQ exchange group in the discussion, BBS signature chain is coming to an end? Especially as Shanghai dragon industry has an important influence on the A5 forum, in 5.3, also officially canceled the forum signature, once the chain of fertile soil can not help but feel a lot of Shanghai dragon to helpless.

is the webmaster forum leader, A5 was the first to sign but not shielding in order to comply with the reform of Shanghai love algorithm, to a certain extent, is to maintain the academic forum webmaster. Remember the 2012 China Ping teacher in the forum said it closed light, to enhance the quality of post operation since the forum is not high, the mainstream of Shanghai Dragon technology have not in-depth development. Many webmaster forum is not as the Shanghai Dragon Technology Exchange, but as the construction of the chain of the ideal, and like A5 Shanghai Longfeng forum, have high weight and high flow in Shanghai, the activity of users and more positive, naturally become an ideal place for the construction of the chain. But the result is that the forum has already lost the learning effect, everyone in the copy and paste the contents inside time, reply is the mechanization of the top, passing, or purely for the signature and consent to answer, even even the content not look directly back, some even cheat by top stick machine no wonder then that means many forums have set the reply time and number of restrictions, in order to effectively deal with the Shanghai dragon is the construction of the chain crazy.

remember the 2012 love Shanghai development Webmaster Platform, many webmaster in novelty and excitement are all disappointed complain love Shanghai webmaster forum can not do the signature of the chain. Many in the industry predict its will in Shanghai love to drive, and before the encyclopedia, library, know, has become the preferred platform for the majority of Shanghai Longfeng chain, and is likely to overtake the popular A5 forum, the forum of stationmaster, become Shanghai dragon new forum platform polymerization. But the result is not due to the webmaster can take signature, lost passion, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform is not expected to hot up, the webmaster also just focused on search engine dynamic to see, rarely participate in specific topics and activities. It is in this case, some visionary who have meant to love, are not allowed to sign the Shanghai forum outside the chain, on the one hand is the maintenance of Shanghai love junk the chain’s attacks on the attitude, avoid becoming breeding platform Shanghai Longfeng garbage chain, maintain the health of the search engine technology exchange. On the other hand, is that the webmaster love Shanghai on BBS signature of the chain’s warning, over reliance on the forum signature will not only affect the harmony of the Internet, but also damage the fairness algorithm in a certain extent.