The real case demonstrates the use of the old domain site of the Shanghai dragon advantage


domain name age: 6 years.


, don’t change the subject under the condition of using the old domain name site.

usage: before 6 years have been a metal materials enterprise website, but do not know why this site do not do, do not want to renew. When you want to delete at the end of the day, we will buy the domain name. After the transfer, the station made a baby eczema garbage station. We do this station is for the purpose of testing, so it didn’t have to optimize.

After The domain name Case: www.lykeyun贵族宝贝

usage: 5 and a half years before the domain name, but has been suspended for 3 years, before is a tourist site.

many learned Shanghai Longfeng people know, use the old domain to site may play a multiplier effect. However, at the same time, we also know that modify the title of the site will make the site right down. So, how to choose between the two? Here I use two examples to illustrate the advantages.


to note here is that before this, in addition to the first Links, the other I did not exchange any Links, also not released outside the chain, and these words although the index is not much, but tourism is very competitive keywords we all know.

domain name age: 5 and a half years.

website online, three days is not included, three days almost the modification of things, the things are filled up, so I love Shanghai and submit sitemap to Google, and find a friend to travel website, I hung up Links. The morning of the fourth day, love Shanghai and Google also included, PR rose to 3, and Google has been ranked. A week later, love Shanghai daily updated snapshot, release the basic things of the day included individual keywords have ranking.

Case: www.wjmtrip贵族宝贝

is a friend of your own domain name registered by the end of 06, after nearly 3 years, are doing tourism websites, website space to stop a renewal time of 09 years, but still retains the domain name. I took it also gave him a tourist site, said at the time to change the domain name, I refused to do, insist on the use of the domain name, found that I was right.

After the Two,



got the website, we spend an evening will be the site to build up, and then submitted to sitemap and Google love Shanghai. The second day, love Shanghai and Google released the previous snapshot. The third day, Shanghai began to love snapshot update, and website content every day. But because our content completely collected, so included later part of the paper.

is the establishment of the old domain name to the site.

The new rules included Shanghai for love

then the site collection >

The two stage: the content of



The establishment of

new station included a stable increase, is possible, but on the site after the establishment of the sixth months after the website included quantity began Pujiang, two website at the same time in Shanghai love a big update included in the reduced 70%-80%, surprised, began the internal self review website, this time the content of the website published not to be included, as long as the data is collected, it is to let a person decadent.

railway station will be the love interest of Shanghai, the author thinks that included and not included and the domain name suffix we say does not have any relationship, mainly in Shanghai and love the concern and the way, if the new station was established from the other high weight site chain construction, it will reduce the new sites included time. The website in the on-line in high weight on the website of the chain, so in the website after 24 hours was collected, another has been the construction of the chain site, 3 days are also included. Not included in the two journals, through the collection of high weight of the site remained unchanged until a week later began to rise slowly, and no construction site outside the chain site included began to be included in the web page, but also in a few days by a large number of delete pages.

three stage: site acceptance stage (10-12 months)

I hand the website belongs to industry portal, is a traditional B2B portal website, and those web portal portal and nature on the nature of the information flow type is different, so the experience of the author and other webmaster experience different, I believe that love for new sites included sea thinking is divided into three stages:

The establishment of crackdown

two site in half a month after their love in Shanghai began to slow growth, the two number included in the slow stage included consistent, two site operation are basically the same, including new content frequency.

stage: slow included stage (1-6 months)

was dropped in the content, the author makes a website containing "interior modulation, enhance the signal-to-noise ratio, increase the chain correlation, add a single page content relevance, modify the time in about two months or so, at this time the site has been included a small reduction in state.

Chinese website any need to love Shanghai seriously, although Baidu always have a holiday habits, but the domestic situation is now all owners cannot do without the search environment, so love Shanghai for the website included, especially in the railway station, let each station long to sigh, Baidu fathom through, see through the Internet environment, the development can not keep up the pace of the novice webmaster will decide on what path to follow, following the author do a hand on their own experience to share some website for more than a year of industry portal.


How to write a soft Wen to let the audience

the /ZYY


traditional hard wide push gradually lose the advantage, but soft wide "influence" is prominent gradually: from the perspective of audience initiative audience passively into conflict, to thrust force.

here, this is a reader to see light suddenly, "Cadillac" ads, but inadvertently also received the "Cadillac is the winner in life with good taste choice" appeal.

The two


look at another Gu Ye "Queen" soft, "Napoleon was crowned by the beginning of the article described in the picture" logic errors led to Napoleon’s Queen’s head crown: the origins of Napoleon to please the goddess, ordered the Royal artisans, duo special jewelry. This is used to CHAUMET jewelry brand origin.

marketing guru Ferriz said: "to the customer’s nature." They often took the leaflets because of sympathy advertising, then look casually thrown into the trash; the first thing they open a web page is to turn off the pop ads; they gave birth to the TB video website account business, buy a variety of video website VIP account in order to skip 60s advertisement. So whether it is exposed to the hard wide leaflets or network promotion, the audience in the first instant instinct or conflict and rejection.


article did not describe the brand information to long-drawn and tedious documents, but only in the last 1/10 pages really mentioned brand information. "Soft" is "soft", its subtlety lies in the large space not clearly mentioned in the product information. Not immediately as if mosquitoes suck blood, but will slowly let the animal feel comfortable anesthesia before taking action. A lot of space in front at first glance seems to look the other way, but in fact it is struggling to convince the audience imperceptibly in.

1. "snake Huwei" mode, avoid.

in her life is full of "Easy mode" soft, "" pomegranate woman start from "face actress Reese Witherspoon" at the age of 7 ad, Reese career at the age of 15 won the "Best Artist Award", entered the Stanford University to study English literature, and later became the Oscar and Golden Globe winning actress. Life, Reese and rich handsome brokers, have three children, one family seem enjoyable. The dress, Reese also erudite, looks are capable. The first 4/5 pages, "" pomegranate woman in evidence of a proof that Reese is Hollywood life. However, the next woman wrote: pomegranate The path winds along mountain ridges.,

how to write and let the audience go like hunger and thirst to soft? We look at WeChat public account "pomegranate woman report" and "Gu Ye wen.

To improve the user experience of the site of care

maybe many webmaster would say do not know what the user wants to know, understand, you don’t mind how users will know what users want? Then how, as a webmaster, every day you need to open the number of sites, browse many pages, believe that every webmaster every day in dealing with the site. When you visit the site, they will often pay attention to what, what is the most attractive to his eye, come to this website and want to get what? If you want to understand these problems, I believe you also have a preliminary understanding to the needs of users, know what they want? In fact, he is a true real users to enter the site, why not others mood to enter their own website, consider the user needed to really stand in the user’s point of view, to understand the user’s psychology.


website user experience of search engine is more and more attention, after all, the search engine service to users, users to search out if Apple is banana, the user will certainly change the search engine, therefore, the search engine with the webmaster attention to user experience, it will also become a website search engine evaluation of quality standards, directly determines the site’s ranking, therefore, attaches great importance to the webmaster website user experience, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team talk to improve the user experience of the site of care should pay attention to what:

content is king is the fundamental development sites, without good content, page design more beautiful, the user came in could not find the required content also will immediately turn off the flash, this is a normal phenomenon, if you are a user, he wanted to see how Taobao store content is how to improve the results in baby ranking of the article, although the article you share are dry cargo, quality is very high, but it is not required by the user, then this article is not the real quality of good articles, the needs of users, users love, also is the search engine spiders love, this is true >

don’t let advertising xuanbin away from

to the identity of the user browsing your site

website user experience this problem we have different views, but if you are a user enter a web site, I believe it will not be willing to see a substantial advertising, text hiding in a small corner, if you do not look carefully not to look at the position, the user experience is poor, but but there are many webmaster knowingly violate this is, It’s only human., I believe that many webmaster do not simply for the fun and interest, more is to make money, therefore, advertising on the site is not, this is the main mode of some small and medium-sized website profit, in the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai dragon.Html) to say, put some advertising does not matter, but must pay attention to the location of the advertisement and the length, can make ads occupy a large page, Xuan The Lord took penn.

really useful to the user

How to analyze a website from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon (3)

, we need to look at the details page:

, is your title and your content is all about a


Such as:

there are 10 dominant needs of Shanghai Longfeng paper

title is obviously about Shanghai dragon, and >

as long as you learn to analyze the site from Shanghai dragon angle, unreasonable can find out the site, to be amended, let website ranking rise, this is as a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have pursued.

, from the point of view of a website in Shanghai dragon series the last one,



4, and the core concern, whether

page titleA


can be introduced to put this picture of a word can be on the inside, can bring the core keywords take.

all the pictures you want to add the ALT tag to show this picture means, but never here accumulation keywords, cheating will be deducted from the credit agreement.

"how to analyze a site from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon (2)"

page title is very important, here is to look at the title is whether the user at the core of long tail keyword search, there is no explicit demand and invisible demand express.


"how to analyze a site from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon (1)"

The diagnosis of

Next we’re going to

in 2017 to see most of the 10 Shanghai dragon article, oh surprise!

.For example,

, we can refer to the experience of Shanghai love of the article, it is not only because the ranking is good, feel love is Shanghai’s own products, but it is really good reading experience.

details page is the most important user landing pages, it carries the core of all information, the user wants to solve the problem, you must access details page to find the answer.

for example, the content has no picture Mao, most people love to see pictures, and do not love to see dense text, what is your own words, love to see whether.

Today is the

if you haven’t seen any of the previous two articles, please read this article in view of

eight, detail page

user experience optimization

details page user experience is of course is for reading.

only from the microscopic point of view to grasp the user’s psychology, can let the user delight.

The so-called The

stealth demand is that you, the only dry cargo, and you surprise there.

Love Shanghai updated DOMAIN website snapshot is on the front page of the reason


server stability is an important factor of website operation and the development of infrastructure. If the server is not meeting cause love Shanghai search engine spiders can not visit the site. We can be sure that the web server is really important. But a small part of the site is open, right down the reason is not in it.

2, temporary right down the problem.

3, the stability of the server is a commonplace talk of an old scholar problem.

small series now in prayer, I hope my website is the case. Before the emergence of this situation on my website, I also see a dozen article, this situation is there, but the probability is relatively small.

this morning, small check their website ranking, a look surprised, rankings are not, although said Thursday love Shanghai update, but why such a big change, has been small the site situation is relatively stable, the chain is also included in the sustained growth. When the morning check suddenly found the site from May 21st to May 16th the snapshot of how the snapshot problem? I feel that the website is certainly a problem, did not think the phrase, miserable Friday. Site website to see the site in home page, but domain was not home. Shanghai love crazy

4, site >

small by today’s main lessons learned a lot, right down the reason that several major aspects of

1, the website of the chain is too poor and too single.

small final site is down right in to ask a lot of senior webmaster after. To see whether it is right to drop, check the chain is obvious features. Generally speaking, the website chain increase and decrease is more common to the situation, but Xiao Bian told, or if the site outside the chain in a period of time is too large, the website ranking weight will be greatly affected.

The quality of The

Shanghai Longfeng there for two years, the hands of the resource department says that at least more than 100 of hundreds of effective resources can really use. New Adsense website in the chain, the focus is on quantity rather than quality. As everyone knows, Shanghai love attention is indeed the quality of the website chain, a high quality the chain of value than those a lot of junk the chain most. Here, Xiao Bian give advice: webmaster do website chain need to pay attention to quality, not only pay attention to the number of problems. The more junk the chain is also not a high weight forum to do outside the chain, the chain of garbage is too large not only on the site without any help, but also to a search engine to the chain and the chain of feeling.

love Shanghai updated DOMAIN website snapshot in the front page of the reason caused by site is down right there are many, such as the site outside the chain surge anticlimax. Small site outside the chain from yesterday’s 7900 to 4070 today, but small series or luck, see site, site found that the site is also home.

shlf1314 advertising ranking new algorithm quality will play a more important roleFirst video, who i

shlf1314 ad quality scores algorithm has been the latest changes. This will affect the sponsor rankings of search results pages.



what is pornography, the erotic content they define?.

got your money and asked for your questions. "A verdict of guilt!". Suppose you’re guilty, and come back to you,



the graph comes from the page everyone can also go and see, I won’t change it.

users: all groups friends

countries have never been allowed to do medical ads, so what did the first video do? Let’s look at figure

attached our dialogue record below..

message group: stranger 1015

because I made the first video in Admin5, you black how many webmaster a text, as the first video person in charge of water find me, here is our dialogue, everybody a look,

this picture is the evidence of the reservation he made on my website,

maybe people have already seen it. Generally speaking, any good location i.e. higher position advertisement will have higher click rate than low position advertisement. This is because high ads are easier for searchers to see. In order to calculate the most accurate mass fraction, the location factor should be taken into account, and the influence factor will be eliminated. shlf1314’s new algorithm eliminates the impact of ad sites on click through rates. According to shlf1314’s official blog, the change will ensure "fair competition" based on quality and bid. And shlf1314 will be able to show the most relevant ads related to search, and give better feedback to high-quality advertisers."


message object: water true 269964614




according to the graph above you in the end is to look at the water really is to solve the problem is to find fault? Is not malicious

another change is an added emphasis on quality. To display at the top of the search results page, the ad must satisfy the quality threshold. In the past, if the highest ranking ads did not meet the requirements, then there would be no advertising displayed on the search results. But the latest algorithm allows ads that satisfy the threshold of quality to be displayed on search results, even across other advertising. For example, if the right of the search results page first advertising, quality is not high enough, but the second ads meet the quality point, then the second ads will be able to skip the first ad, displayed in search results. This change means that the quality will play a more important role in deciding which advertisements will take the prominent position. But some in the industry believe that this practice allows shlf1314 to show more advertising, thereby enhancing the company’s revenue.

message type: chat log

because of the above 2 pictures, we have been positioned as pornographic sites. Well, I also cut VODone on the map, we see which should be defined as pornographic sites





The HTML page code optimization the most detailed knowledge

optimization, are based on the framework, data analysis, user experience, and ignore the most basic HTML based code optimization, design optimization to share today rattan experience since the site (because the working relationship has less focus on the optimization and promotion of rattan design awards but for optimization we still have study:


title is one of the most important core information transfer label, whether it is love Shanghai, 360, Sogou, noble baby or other search engines, will according to the label output information to analyze the content of the website, so the information must want to transmit information and content should be relatively often many of my friends to do the title of the party, does not match the information and content of the title, this often causes K (legendary punishment, right down, pulled into the blacklist).

first need to emphasize that a website each page can have only one, and is located within the tag. The specific form of long tail keywords and how to write the title, we divided the next fine, but this is mainly for HTML and conventional knowledge tutorial, so not in detail.

here, we are going to talk about the application of the H1 tag is very important, in fact, H1 tags and title tags also apply for H1, and a label page also can appear only once, because the H1 tag will emphasize the processing of information, an important content of the search engine will directly capture the label, but also to the title tag the search engine, are analyzed according to H1 information, whether the output label website content. So the H1 tag of a website each page can appear only once, that someone said, I have a number of labels is not good, I tell the search engines, I have multiple keywords, which is more conducive to search, in fact, if you really do that, on the contrary, but let the search engine directly to the confusion. This page is regarded as invalid (non core) common page processing.



The importance of a title:


img image tag, although the search engine technology has been well developed, but I’m sorry is the search engine still can not directly read the picture information in your pictures can not directly tell the user is displaying the beauty or handsome, or a beautiful scenery. Some people may say that I’m in love, you see a Shanghai search keywords, there will be corresponding to the picture is displayed, and from other sites, this is not you say rattan design. Here, you must correct the vine design this topic, in fact, these are love Shanghai search to the labels are after code optimization before, if you see the details, you can see the map code are alt=" " tag, if your pictures don’t have this label, then to search the engine actually is meaningless, because he.

, We often talk about


Links exchange two domain crime


Links is a high quality link before I wrote the article "do the following ten points is one of the factors Links the essence of" seemingly not the domain name? A page ranking, a snapshot of the first page, why not update the inside pages can change every day link? It seems 58 and some classified information have contacted you? Sadly many people do not see the Links. Here a burst of material, I stand still while PR, but domain at home is not in the first place, the funny thing is there are a lot of people ask me for Links.

for an example of xxx.123贵族宝贝 that the most common form of the domain name, he is a sub domain under the 123贵族宝贝. 123贵族宝贝/ / Shanghai dragon is a page. There is a lot of Shanghai dragon er my website cn.*** as a page is really funny. Obviously within the page in the root directory under the internal structure of a web site, and the two level domain is an integral domain, the difference between

In fact, the have? million!

said the two level domain name like org domain name weight low weight high as ridiculous

parrot and judge

said the truth I didn’t come here.

two level domain name has never been guilty of any person, like the Indians without sin as anyone! Of course, the biggest sin is Links sin! I asked why not many people for they could not answer, it is not for you to answer. The other person is too much

just started Shanghai dragon to optimize the time domain weight many people advocate of Org is very high, which caused a trend many people are using the domain name org but after that but such as is, the domain name org is really better than other domain name weight high? Why are not ranked in front of the same weight of Org? Two level domain why low? Why Shanghai dragon why forum can be routed to the front most of a domain name? There are a lot of people say is not the same, what is different? Why is everyone two domain name or

two level domain and the difference of

Links sad

Links may be the most important part in optimization, especially in the chain is difficult to do today, your company’s most important part to Links specialist is not what you can rest assured. As the two level domain name, Shanghai K station was in love do not look for their own reasons, is only a parrot! But I tell you a lot of people are being related. This is my judgment of the truth! You Links so much if you stand by K is not k strange, what the original content website quality is what nonsense! Why don’t you look

! ?

K two patrol webmaster and how to reflect the love of Shanghai

to talk about their website of pupil composition network, although this was not in love with the sea K station, but was collected by a certain influence, as follows:

to get rid of dependence on the love of Shanghai, the formation of diverse traffic sources themselves. To tell the truth in love when I learned that Shanghai continuously updated, I thought not how honestly do, but to get rid of the shackles of love Shanghai as soon as possible. Since the end of June to the July, I feel nervous every day in tight, not a day do not want to own site, afraid of his own website which day is K what is not left. In fact, think of love, now Shanghai has become China fully deserve the engine overlord, my site of 80 percent of the traffic comes from its contribution, and it is of serious dependent development makes me feel website there are too many uncertainties. Before seen a writer, is about Lu Songsong’s blog has experienced love Shanghai drop right, included reduced, but Lu Songsong’s blog and no interference to love Shanghai and lose development ability, cause obviously, Lou loose as the Internet industry comparison of well-known blogger, has a lot of loyal readers I like this, subscribe to his blog is not a few, and the flow of the source of all direct hits, and not through the love of Shanghai search, so from this perspective, it is of vital importance to strengthen the direct contact between users and websites.

The reflection of

fortunately, his website after this week’s efforts included, but returned to normal. But the two station K update event or stimulate myself, after all, between friends to return to the liberation of the case is too much, a lot of people are a little K left, even have the opportunity to stage a comeback, happen to me if it should, I even do estimation have had the courage to. So take advantage of this event, you should take precautions, reflection, lest the tragedy is yourself.

we always say website content must be original, to consider the user experience and so on, in fact, these problems that is formed between the user understanding, to achieve the effect of brand promotion, or a way of our own word-of-mouth marketing, what we want is the user recognition, so we also understand the problem. You know how to do the next step, or that my own website for example, as do is to read the primary school composition >

China have a proverb called three drinks, say that you had been drinking much, have to talk business, no business, should also be scattered. Then this idiom means extended over the love of Shanghai, a big update event has lasted from 6.28 to 7.13, and continue the trend, so we can get inspiration from the station event what a wide range of these two times a word can not let K? Our website will be in love with gross altitude.

‘s own:


Shanghai dragon secret Fuzhou decoration company ranked first

decoration industry old site, the above 7 points worthy of attention, but also a lot of old sites do.

7, do 301 redirect 贵族宝贝baolaiyuan贵族宝贝/ jump to 贵族宝贝baolaiyuan贵族宝贝/, do URL weight

Optimization of

is the industry of Shanghai dragon very bitter. The development of this industry just soon, many brand decoration boss are 60, 70, their thought and the age of the Internet is a bit disjointed. The corresponding resource configuration in place, at the same time, also reluctant to spend money (too small), don’t understand for optimization, feel the effect is slow, so the industry background, Shanghai Longfeng people bring great obstacles. Of course, the decoration industry also has 80 boss, they see the charm of the network, willing to invest, respect work network.

decoration industry background

in recent years, engaged in the work of Shanghai dragon decoration industry. Today in Fuzhou Fuzhou Han Jia decoration decoration company in Changle 贵族宝贝 site to give you a brief introduction to the decoration industry, how to operate the website optimization.

most of the decoration brand, has its own website, but the website content is messy, old, and the required key does not match exactly, but the company does not agree to change, in the face of this situation, just join the Shanghai dragon people will feel unable to, in fact, we can under the root directory on the web site, built a directory, the directory service specifically for the home key: Publishing and related content page keywords. Do the contents here:

1, finishing the long tail keywords. Every good word around long tail keywords. At the same time, finishing a good record of long tail keywords. It runs through the whole Shanghai Longfeng, ranking often view the site long tail keywords.

2, URL standard. In traditional industries, they built the site very early time, also bought a lot of brands associated with the site domain name, all analytical all to a website. In this way, people need to do the site of Shanghai dragon URL standardization work.

5, 404 pages. The common sites are not 404 pages, especially the decoration industry.

3 home address, absolute. The site decoration industry a long time, the program is simple, the hidden safety problems, the home address absolute, avoid malicious mirror.

6, do the site map URL such as: 贵族宝贝baolaiyuan贵族宝贝/sitemap.xml.

decoration industry website

4, a directory of the latest articles at home. This must be good, if this does not do so, the time to postpone the key words on the front page.

Can search engine and make friends, is the essence of Shanghai Dragon

I want to contact the Internet as long as people know what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon, but many people do not think Shanghai dragon is a how technical work, think it is a tedious, boring, tasteless, bitter occupation, today I want to express is you as long as you really get to know Shanghai Dragon, will not have the idea that.

We want to put the

home page attitude, I think a lot of people are not careful to read "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide Shanghai dragon white paper", do not think this is not used, you must first put the rules of the industry to find out what industry, home only in the industry, Shanghai dragon is a what occupation in China, he is a Shanghai food industry by love, you know Shanghai and live by love the industry, you need to establish a friendly environment with him, you can’t easily said here, many people will ask, how to love and Shanghai in a friendly environment that I? Here are a few points, help novice Shanghai dragon pointing, say not good, please forgive me.

if you are already a Shanghai dragon Er, may be a station will send the chain (… Shanghai dragon may feel just outside the chain), here I want to remind you that in the first three months, the key is to put on your site’s content is the most important. Remember, in.


many people think that as long as the chain with the Shanghai dragon, all words can be ranked, I want to say: "feel shy, you’re wrong." people often say that the level decides your achievement, is the truth, you may find only a hair of the chain can be made into a ranking, regardless of the other due to factors, your ranking fluctuated, but also can do the top are some words with lower index.

if you do Shanghai, there will definitely be a station of its own, or is the first station, we fundamentally speaking, the source of problems, many people think Shanghai dragon is the establishment of the station before the thing, it is not necessary to study Shanghai dragon ah, actually otherwise choose a way to source is Shanghai dragon, at first I believe the first station, always want to look good to the page, then select a gorgeous, beautiful source, and then constructed a step by step, that is from beginning to end only included the home page, so I was very confusing, and I was on the Internet to ask the Internet friends here to thank the A5 webmaster in A5 network, because I know a lot of grassroots webmaster friends, let my circle became more widely, subsequent knowledge in several big brother’s teachings, has increased. I finally learned to choose the source page although good-looking but mostly JS, know Shanghai Longfeng people know that the proportion of JS in too many pages can not be, because he will make your pages load too slowly, which leads to the search engine to feel your website too tired, they simply do not have access. Here to remind is as far as possible the use of pseudo static pages.


Site optimization should have their own unique way of thinking and habits

second, dynamic search engines have to pay close attention to. We know that we face is the root of the site optimization search engine. Since the optimization to search engine optimization for myself to have a thorough understanding of love in the Shanghai search engine as an example, love Shanghai constantly improve the user experience of the website weight score, so we only have the flow, not only in content to the original, but also to do is to serve the needs of users, in addition, some of the core algorithm, the algorithm of Mars pomegranate algorithm based in Shanghai for what is love and purpose, we should make it clear, understand each other’s requirements can be very good to avoid in the process of optimized website, understand the search engine based on rules is very necessary.

first, the first thing to do is to continue to expand their knowledge. This point is the basis, whether it is new or veteran, accumulation of our website optimization is the key resources, resources mainly includes two aspects: one is the awareness of thinking, one is the accumulation of resources in their hands extrapolation, consciousness of ascension is not a short duration of time, the long-term practice and the implementation of it, we can increase the optimization of their knowledge base through learning, reading, sharing, and push resources include resources effectively in the hands of the continuous mining, such as the registered third party many high weight forum, classified information platform, blog etc.. These two kinds of thinking dimensions and material accumulation will let us in the way of the optimization of automatics.

as everyone knows, website optimization process, we must continue to establish an optimization of their own ideas, so this approach might be to find their own way out, can also be in accordance with some industry standards with their own execution and ultimately achieve the purpose of optimization, the optimization process of the method is very important, the author in the the optimization process is often some small research methods and strategies to improve the efficiency of the optimization of their own, some optimization ideas of my own here and talk about.

– >

third, learning not blindly to selective. Dongshixiaopin everyone knew the story, but this kind of people in real life, especially a lot of newcomers meet the eye everywhere, optimization, reference and imitation of others is a kind of learning method, but we do not blindly, in the process of learning should be Quweicunzhen, multi analysis and their industry related to the same site, analysis of their content and user experience is how do the chain construction is how to publish, and should not be zhaodanquanshou. Try to optimize the selectivity mainly lies in the details of each other in your own details and think a good way we borrowed to try, such as other articles if are pictures released, then, whether we can also supplement their articles in the creative process some pictures or video show? Each other in the construction of the chain in addition to the general the forum or blog, there are details that we have not noticed, what is the release of place and time, these details are key elements worth digging.

Shanghai dragon head five skills through understanding job interview

company recently newly established domestic Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon team, is currently responsible for the work of domestic and Shanghai dragon team recruitment, found some problems in the recruitment process, I hope to the recruitment of job seekers in Shanghai Longfeng some suggestions, so that we can avoid some twists and turns and wrong answer skills in the process of job seekers in Shanghai dragon.

2, Shanghai Phoenix interview, not exaggerated, some people say that they have the ability to take over the team, Shanghai dragon strategy and writing scheme in fact, with no team, the interviewer can not know, but by asking some of Shanghai Longfeng strategies. For example, I often ask, "


experience two, knowing your strengths of Shanghai dragon

1, your skills are very important. In the process of recruiting some resume is "2 years of experience, understand c#, ASP, PHP, HTML." However, the interview when asked about the operation of a school, some answer is, for a long time no contact. For example, our company has certain requirements for c#, or say: "c# didn’t learn in college last class!!" no, why write? So to warn you, you learn to learn, understand understand, do not understand must not write on your resume. This will cause your recruitment failure, cause you for failure in other parts of the


our company is mainly to do domestic make mobile phone game development, and has its own Shanghai dragon team in foreign countries, so the Shanghai dragon is the need to consider to travel abroad, of course, you know the industry. Because as long as the Shanghai dragon team is traveling abroad, the treatment is very high, the industry in general is a gray industry, domestic situation does not allow the novice when applying for Shanghai dragon is to know what is going on.

Of course, some in the domestic

experience: a clear understanding of risk industry.


Shanghai dragon is a mutual survival by the Internet industry, domestic algorithm changes and your contacts, update technology is not the first time, will lead you to the Internet and derailment. If you are black, gray, many forums and blogs and portals are unable to conduct normal link resource accumulation and to determine the effectiveness of the

can increase their understanding to go abroad to see things, of course, in foreign countries, the risk of a lot, most job seekers mentality are want to go abroad to see the market, increase their social experience, or your resume can add a pen. If the industry is normal, can support, if it is gray, black industry, time is not long.

did it, or in the Shanghai dragon industry done more than 3 years will be learned. The interview will be used in several ways to answer you: 1, hazy method: our company has its own team in foreign countries, there is other industries for technical support, products to sell abroad. 2, bluntly: our company of Shanghai Longfeng law team is in a foreign country, do not know whether you can accept

The authenticity of the

First get to know the six problems should be a novice webmaster using Nofollow Tags

Nofollow tag to join and search engines crawl the site time Never mind

Nofollow tag can tell what the search engines crawl, what should not grab, then why not use the Nofollow tag to screen out some repetitive links, and then save the crawling time. Of course, this approach is not bad, what will cause a significant impact on the site, but the overall effect is very general, because the operation experience of my own, adding Nofollow tag can’t save a lot of time as we imagine, because love in Shanghai webmaster guidelines specifically, spider web the first link after crawling, repeated and not give weight, and do the record, say spiders remove duplicate links, this is a basic function, because now more stationmaster is grassroots, for Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is not much, if the owners want to get rid of the duplicate link to add Nofollow label what spider. So in order to save time and use the Nofollow tag to remove repeat >

many webmaster friends will simply think the web content by adding the Nofollow tag will save time, let the search engines to crawl other content, so the emergence of new Adsense in order to improve the so-called web site is included to set the Nofollow label on purpose. I won’t say it right, only reference love Shanghai webmaster guide a word, "for Nofollow do not give weight", this sentence you see the trick? Link weight that is love just to Shanghai under the Nofollow will still be included, so saving time said is groundless statement. If your site in a certain period of time the amount collected is much higher, it is other work such as the construction of the chain or supplementary contents do well, Never mind and Nofollow tags, actually search engine is not in favor of Nofollow content, because this part of the majority is of no value in the course of time, the spider will increase access to this part of the cycle, so it is caused to everyone not to be included.

? ?Many of my friends think that since the

Nofollow tag believe we are not unfamiliar, if the webmaster want to screen out some content in the website, he can use the Nofollow tag to tell search engines this place does not need to crawl, and then integrate the website weight. But this is a frequently used auxiliary labels, everyone will always be in doubt, once these questions can not be solved in time, is bound to the webmaster friends (especially novice webmaster) has a significant negative effect of the website optimization. So today in this and we talk about their thoughts on this, I hope everyone can help to establish a correct understanding.

use the Nofollow tag to remove duplicate links have no actual effect of