Flydream readily novice webmaster how to establish the internal links

The importance of Many novice


text should find those words or phrases. The anchor text links? Link to what page? The first question is the answer, find the key words and topics related to this article in the text, such as the theme of "what is the internal link, if you find a" future 10 years China paid this is the occupation "in the phrase do anchor text, and point to the relevant page, I think this link is certainly unpopular (just for example, the fact is not such a big contrast in the same article). The second problem is that in your site, which pages are the most important, meaning is what page you can bring targeted traffic? Then give these pages do some internal links

two, internal links to add the

concluded that the internal link must have wide, don’t add internal links to the home page, see your site articles or other column page, what can bring you the target flow, these pages to find out the page title and the corresponding URL in a text document to facilitate future links. The original article by paid occupation, the address >

The importance of an internal link,

, three key internal links

if you search for "new site", and want to find the page in the page in an internal link, the key word is "novice how to stick", I think this is not very useful to you, you really want to go to this link? This link two – the first is good improve customer experience, increase website PV, increase website viscosity; second search engines are more optimistic about you this article, at the same time, the article is given a certain amount of weight.

add internal links, but there is no effect, why? Because in his mind, is to find the home page keywords internal links, as long as you see the home page keyword links to the home page. It is from the home page to page from the page to the home page, this is very monotonous, and always cause inconvenience to visitors and misleading, because you have no meaning to this link what keywords visitors! There are a lot of people in the footer of the page and add a lot to the home page, this is likely to be considered cheating. If not cheating is of no use, on one page, the first link to other pages is effective links, as well as other links to search engines basically negligible, so look for your page page link, which is the first? Generally is the site of the logo, the alt attribute that logo is equal to the link anchor text, logo ALT attributes you write is the home key of

novice generally understand the website internal links, but is to know but do not know how to do, FeiMeng here simply said the internal link building strategy: the construction of the internal links in order to improve the degree of customer experience, do not deal with search engine as an important objective.


To accurately determine the six key steps of keywords competition degree

a number of search results: the number of search results will be displayed in the lower right corner of the page, the result is our reference number on the basis of the first keyword competition results, the greater the number, the greater the degree of competition means, general that hundreds of thousands have a certain degree of difficulty, and to achieve a two million is a hot threshold. The need to expand the content to achieve. To achieve the level of tens of millions of words, is the general industry usually need high weight station to get good rankings. Of course, this is only roughly speaking, some search keywords although large quantity, such as "we" and "method" of some commonly used words, commercial value is very small, and some of the words in particular medical related words, search results is not too much, but the degree of competition is particularly high.

according to your own experience to share to determine the six key steps of keywords competition degree, these six steps must be whole, can not be used alone, in addition, there are some uncertain factors in the inside, as the competition website optimization level, not to a specific value, all except this sometimes several steps, still need to add some of his own subjective judgment. Well, to today’s text, welcome.

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intitle number: intitle can be very good to help us get to the number of specific keywords as the goal of the competition, if you do not use intitle, a lot of page keywords contained in the page will appear in the search results, there may not be optimized according to the key words, if can use intitle search exclude these pages, so words appear in the title is our real competitors.

auction price: even if it does not do promotion, we can also see a keyword bidding price, such as the noble baby keywords flow estimation tool can check the relevant keyword bidding prices and estimated traffic, if the bidding price is higher, the degree of competition is bigger, but sometimes a word and click on the high price can not reflect the degree of competition, because there are malicious advertisers to push up prices.

If the

content is the core of a website, the keyword is a website of the soul, because words in place, all of the content will be around the keywords to start, and if the keyword set properly, the degree of competition is too intense, the key word is likely to get good rankings, so accurate judgment keywords competition degree is one aspect of many Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel needs to know.

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auction results: if a word without bidding, illustrate the general level of business, because business is very strong words often bidding number, these words can produce profits directly, so only to active users into advertising, no bidding result is the number of words we can be assured to optimize. Note that the optimization to the normal working hours during the day, many advertisements will be closed at night, if the night view, is likely to lead to misjudgment.